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Combat Warm Air Heaters

Warm air heating is designed to replace traditional gas water-heating systems within commercial & industrial premises and works by forcing warm air around the building. These heaters are used in commercial properties and public spaces such as retail outlets and sports halls and are known to improve energy efficiency when compared to other systems.

Warm air heaters work by pulling cold air from the building and pushing it across a heat exchanger. The cold air is heated across the heater exchanger via a fan and re-distributed back into the environment until the required temperature is achieved. The heaters can operate on a variety of fuels from natural gas, LPG, oil, and biofuels. By combining a warm air heater with a sophisticated control system, businesses can easily manage the temperature without overheating or getting too cold.

Warm air heating systems come in a range of options such as roof suspended and floor standing units, making them an extremely versatile choice for industrial and commercial premises. The Combat Compact range is ideal for smaller buildings that may require less heating, particularly when space is at a minimum. Alternatively, for improved energy efficiency, you may want to consider the Combat ECO Condensing Unit Heaters, which are the smallest condensing heaters on the market at present.

The Combat extensive knowledge of the commercial and industrial heating sector helps find solutions to suit most requirements.

Combat ELG and ELO Cabinet Warm Air Unit Heaters
Combat ELUA Suspended Warm Air Unit Heaters
Combat Elite Suspended Warm Air Unit Heaters
Combat ECO Condensing Warm Air Unit Heater

Combat Radiant Heating

Combat Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is a cost-effective, reliable method of heating indoor areas that require a more even spread of heat, they are designed to provide localised heat. The best way to describe how infrared radiant heaters work is to compare one to the most reliable known heater – the Sun. The heat energy from the Sun radiates heat through space and our atmosphere, striking the Earth’s surface and heating it. It is this warmed surface that then heats the air and raises the air temperature. This one of the main reasons, radiant heating is a popular choice when considering garden centre or greenhouse heating. Due to the versatility of radiant heaters, they are also utilised for factory and warehouse heating.

Radiant heating, unlike warm air heating, doesn’t heat the air. It first heats the people and the objects around it, including the floor, which in turn acts as secondary heating, raising the air temperature. The main benefit of radiant heating is the reduced loss of heated air in areas with open doors and windows. Unlike warm air heaters which must use excessive energy to heat the building’s atmosphere once a door has been opened, objects heated by radiant heating will continue to stay warm. For industrial and commercial buildings such as distribution centres or warehouses that often have large doors open to cater for deliveries, radiant heating is the most cost-effective solution for maintaining suitable working temperatures.

Combat area one of the leading providers of infrared heaters, with extensive experience of implementing systems across a wide range of industries and environments. Models Available:

Combat CoRayVac
Complete Linear and U-Tubes
Combat NRG Controller

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