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Take advantage of Chillaire Ltd Service Maintenance Agreements to manage your annual HVAC plant maintenance to ensure that you are always compliant.

Air Conditioning Systems – Service & Maintenance

Having air conditioning systems regularly serviced ensures that their life span is extended, you have less break downs and that they are operating at maximum Energy Efficiency at all times during normal operation.

It is very important to maintain your air conditioning and heating plant. Under new REFCOM rules Most air conditioning systems must be checked / serviced every 6 months and must be F-Gas compliant.

We at Chillaire provide planned maintenance under annual service maintenance agreements and offer various levels of service agreements.

We offer engineering / technical support and planned preventative maintenance through planned maintenance agreements to help ensure business continuity of your operations to avoid unnecessary business disruption. Regular servicing of your air conditioning systems can save you money by ensuring fewer costly breakdowns. If breakdowns do occur, we are always on hand to undertake emergency repairs at short notice.

Air conditioning units should be inspected, cleaned and serviced at least once per year as a minimum, even if your air conditioning system falls under the minimum refrigerant rule. Chillaire Group recommends in most cases a visit to your premises every 6 months as a minimum to maintain your plant life expectation and to ensure the plant is operating energy efficiently and to maintain manufacturer’s warranty, in some cases depending on the type of environment or plant more visits may be required.

Customers should check their air conditioning system refrigerant quantity and ensure that they are F-Gas compliant under refrigerant containment & checking regulations.

Our F-Gas certified qualified and experienced technicians will fully service your air conditioning, heat pump plant ensuring it is operating efficiently and update service records on your behalf.

Air Source Heat Pump Systems – Service & Maintenance

Air Source Heat Pump Systems are effectively an air conditioning system which provide heating through reversing the refrigerant cycle. Normal air conditioning systems use refrigerant gas and the refrigerant cycle operation to transfer heat out of a room or space inside a building using its evaporator heat
exchanger inside the indoor fan coil unit and then rejects the heat through the condenser heat exchanger which is located inside the air conditioning outdoor condenser unit.

The air source heat pump effectively reverses the above cycle, so the indoor evaporator becomes the condenser coil rejecting heat into a room or space inside the building and the outdoor unit becomes the evaporator heat exchanger which absorbs heat from the ambient air which it can do down to quite low ambient temperatures.

So, the same applies for air source heat pump systems, having them regularly serviced ensures that their life span is extended, you have less break downs and they are operating at maximum Energy Efficiency Again, it is very important to maintain your air source heat pump to ensure you comply with new REFCOM rules Most air source heat pump systems must be checked / serviced every 6 months and must be F-Gas compliant.

We at Chillaire provide planned maintenance under annual service maintenance agreements and offer various levels of service agreements.

Gas Fired heating Systems – Service & Maintenance

All gas fired, oil fired or LPG heating systems should be maintained annually and they must be serviced & inspected by qualified engineers to ensure that they are safe to use and pass the Gas Safe safety requirement. After each service / inspection our engineers will issue a certificate. The only person who can install, service, maintain or replace a gas heating appliance is a heating qualified and Gas Safe registered engineer.

Gas Safe Regulations cover the safe installation and safe use of as appliances, which are the priorities of these regulations. No gas appliance should be used without a Gas Safe inspection and certification, otherwise there is the possibility the gas appliance may be unsafe to use and / or could be a potential danger.

Regular service and maintenance of heating systems, it is a qualified heating engineer’s duty to make sure that any gas appliance, gas pipework installation or flue have been installed and are maintained in a safe condition.

Chillaire Ltd – Planned Maintenance Service Agreements

We encourage customers to plan ahead by allowing us to organise your HVAC plant maintenance. We are able to offer planned maintenance under annual service maintenance agreements and offer various levels of service agreements.

Our preventative plan maintenance contracts allow us to manage your air conditioning, heating or HVAC plant for you by managing the planned preventative maintenance (PPM) for your system, by contacting you when a service is due giving you one less thing to be concerned about.

We provide air conditioning / heating / ventilation services for many customers through national Facilities Management companies. Facilities Management companies offer the customer the advantage of having one point of contact and yet still have the proper level of service from qualified and experienced Chillaire service maintenance engineers.

These are backed by a 24-hour breakdown service, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

All maintenance contracts, once set up, are automatically renewed after 12 months. We will write to you advising that the contract is going to expire in advance of the expiry date and ask if you wish to continue to renew your contract. In all cases every year our customers renew their contract with us, cancellations are normally due to the closure of premises.

The planned maintenance visits are then scheduled into our maintenance programme and you are advised of the dates the maintenance visits will be taking place. On planned maintenance visits our engineers will attend your premises and carry out a full clean, visual inspection and test of all your plant. Any problems picked up during the maintenance visit is reported back to the office, where a full report of any issues is created and sent for your attention, with prices for the replacement of any spare parts or work to rectify any problems. Any required repair work is quoted for approval prior to being carried out.

Our engineers have years of maintenance experience and the required knowledge to work on all types of systems from;
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Boiler Plants
  • Gas Fired Burners
  • Chiller Plants
  • Ventilation Systems
  • BMS Management Systems
  • Air Purification Plants
  • Air Handling Units
  • Warm Ait Units
  • Air Curtains
  • VRF Systems
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Close Control Systems
  • Humidifier Systems

Ongoing Support From Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Team

They have electrical and controls knowledge for all types of control panels and associated components, such as pumps, valves, dampers, pressurisation units, buffer / expansion vessels and tanks etc.

We offer various types of Service Maintenance Contract Agreement levels. We can taylor our service maintenance agreements to meet individual customer’s requirements, for example we can include for call outs & consumables, as part of the Service Maintenance Agreement, for further details speak to one of our sales teams.

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