Panasonic HVAC

Unlike many HVAC companies, Panasonic was founded in 1918 with a sole focus on heating and cooling solutions. Until 2021, they also had a sister company called K.D.K established in 1909, where the two merged into one giant heating and ventilation company.

Panasonic Air Conditioning

Panasonic supplies a range of products, such as split systems, VRF multi-splits, heat pumps and electric water heaters. As the original leaders of the HVAC industry, Panasonic’s solutions are perfect for you.

The company prides itself on designing systems that enhance the natural benefits of the environment while ensuring it is not harmed. In turn, this can reduce condensation, mould, viruses and allergic reactions.

Whether you require an emergency installation or repair, even if you are across the UK, Chillaire can help. Invest in Panasonic air conditioning for your business. For a durable solution, contact us today.

Panasonic HVACs utilise a bespoke technology called nanoe™ X. Many HVAC systems don’t improve air quality, but this solution transfers hydroxyl radicals indoors to maintain a healthy environment.</span>

The award-winning company specialises in manufacturing heating solutions for both residential and commercial lots. With cost and efficiency in mind, Panasonic truly makes you the purpose of their products.

Chillaire also can help with any Panasonic air conditioning spares.

Case Studies

Chillaire have chosen Panasonic air conditioning systems for many commercial and industrial projects. They provide climate control and comfort.

R32 Range Panasonic air conditioning unit with white background

Panasonic Single Split System Installation in Nuneaton

Genius IT had two old systems from 1986 that were heating and cooling the room but had become surplus to requirement. We chose the Panasonic system as it would provide both heating and cooling.

Air conditioning unit on wall

Panasonic Heat Pump Air Conditioning Installation in Leamington Spa

Our team of engineers completed the installation of 6x Panasonic wall heat pump air conditioning systems in Leamington Spa for the Da Vinci Room being developed at the Escape premises

Air conditioning on patterned wall

Panasonic Twin Wall Multi Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems Installed at CW Therapy Rooms in Kenilworth

We fitted the systems in two consulting rooms on the first and second floor of the building. CW Therapy Rooms required an energy efficient solution.

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