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Air conditioning news and the latest innovation and developments in air conditioning, heating and ventilation always interest us here at Chillaire. We are also proud to share the solutions we have designed and installed for our customers.

Do Office Workers Need an Air Ventilation System?

Do Office Workers Need an Air Ventilation System? Air ventilation systems are used everywhere. Whether it is at home, whilst you are out shopping or at work you will undoubtedly experience the benefits of a ventilation system. In commercial and industrial environments, adequate ventilation is a must. But why is this? In this article we […]

How To Identify a Good Air Conditioning Engineer

How To Identify a Good Air Conditioning Engineer There are an abundance of air conditioning engineers on the market today. With so much choice as a customer, it can be hard to know where your money is best spent. Here at Chillaire, we have been in the industry for years and, we believe, have seen […]

How Do Air Conditioners Work?

                        Air conditioners are now widely manufactured, distributed and used, but how do air conditioners work? How air conditioning works is often insufficiently explained. For people trying to diagnose problems with their air conditioning system or explain faults to an engineer, it can be […]

Powrmatic New LX Gas Fired Heater Range

Powrmatic have brought out their new ErP 2021 compliant LX range of gas fired unit heaters which come with fully modulating burner technology with reduced NOx levels, whilst maintaining the construction, dimensions and build quality of its LNVx predecessor. Same quality /Reduced NOx.• ErP 2021 Ready Efficient modulating burner Reduced NOx technology British built Space [...]

What Is Ventilation And Why Is It Important?

There is no questioning the importance of fresh air. Not only do we need it to survive, but it is essential to our overall well-being. But what is ventilation exactly and why is it important? In the following post, we hope to outline and answer these questions and more. What Is Ventilation? Before exploring the [...]

What Are The Benefits Of Regular AC Maintenance?

Air Conditioning (AC) maintenance is an aspect of AC systems which should definitely not be neglected. Ever. Many expensive bills can be avoided just by educating consumers on air conditioning systems, the importance of cleaning the filters and ensuring that the airflow is not restricted. Having a fully functional AC system that is well maintained […]

Improve Indoor Air Quality and Lifestyle with Panasonic nanoe™ X Technology and Daikin Streamer Technology

Air Purifiers Air conditioning and Air purifiers are two different systems which cater for different needs. Whilst air conditioning works to produce cool air at an effective rate, air purifiers central purpose is to improve the quality of air in an environment. However, innovative companies like Panasonic and Daikin are rapidly developing their technology to [...]

Sanyo Heat Pump & VRF & Chiller Spares

Sanyo Heat Pump & VRF & Chiller Spares We are still able to continue to source spare parts for existing Sanyo heat pump air conditioning systems and chillers or offer replacement systems. This can be done by matching existing Sanyo split Air Conditioning Systems, Heat Pump Systems, VRF Systems or Chiller Units with new Panasonic [...]

Commercial & Industrial Gas Fired Heating Solutions

Powrmatic / Combat / Winterwarm - Gas Fired Warm Air Heating Why Gas Fired Warm Air Heating for Commercial or Industrial Environments? Gas fired warm air heating is a cost effective way of heating large spaces such warehouses or distributions centres or showrooms or similar. The latest gas fired heaters manufactured by Combat / Winterwarm [...]

Winter Warm Gas Fired Heating: Perfect Solution for Modern Buildings

Winter Warm Gas Fired Heating Winterwarm have been provide heating solutions for industrial and commercial environments & applications. Warm air heating systems are both cost effective and comfortable, providing a pleasant working environment at reasonable cost. Whether you are heating a factory, warehouse, workshop, showroom or just about any other building, there is a heating solution from Chillaire [...]

Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) – Heating and Air Conditioning

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) The summer is nearly over and the requirement for air conditioning tends to traditionally fade away as people’s perception of air conditioning systems is that it's for the summer season and for cooling only. However, this perception is slowly changing as people are starting to realise the benefit of Air [...]

VRF heat pump systems for business premises

VRF heat pump systems are an increasingly popular option for business premises of all shapes and sizes. Because no two business premises are the same, specifying a heating system needs to be carefully considered to deliver the best possible comfort and energy efficiency. Size, heat loss, hours of operation and other building management systems will […]

Opportunities for Air Conditioning and Gas Heating Engineers

Growing demand for industrial, commercial and domestic HVAC installations has created new career opportunities for air conditioning and gas heating engineers at the specialist HVAC design, installation and maintenance company, Chillaire, based in Nuneaton. These interesting and rewarding roles are for experienced HVAC engineers but are also expected to attract interest from candidates working in […]

Factory heating solutions

Depending on construction and layout, there are several things to think about if you want your factory heating to be effective and efficient. If your specifications aren’t properly prepared the result can be poor heat distribution throughout the space, high costs and an adverse carbon footprint. Factory heating options Radiant and warm air and heating […]

Air conditioning and energy savings

Air conditioning and HVAC systems have a number of jobs. Heating systems increase the indoor temperature and compensate for heat losses. On the other hand, many spaces gain heat from the sun, people and equipment. This makes them uncomfortable, so cooling is also needed. Ventilation systems supply air to an inside space and remove polluted […]

Impact of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD)

In December 2018 the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) came into effect, which will still apply in the UK when we leave the EU. The MCPD sets out emission limit values (ELVs) of nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulphur dioxide (S02) and dust produced by an individual combustion plant like a boiler with a thermal input equal […]

Heat interface units and climate change

The use of heat interface units (HIUs) and centralised plant is becoming popular for blocks of flats, apartments, or even larger schemes. As energy efficiency standards become more stringent, effective heating and cooling in modern properties will become a priority. Industry experts say HIUs are going to be an important part of the UK’s low […]

Air conditioning systems connected to the IoT

Air conditioning systems connected to the IoT (Internet of Things) using Wi-Fi can warn your facilities manager before something goes wrong. Preventative diagnostics allow IoT-enabled devices, including your air conditioning system, to contact a repair team, building owner or manager. Damage can even be reduced with automated actions, such as turning off the power to a […]

High performance Daikin rooftop HVAC system

Daikin has introduced a new Rebel Applied rooftop HVAC system which meets the demanding in-airflow design standards set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).   Daikin’s Rebel Applied team introduced its first high-IEER (Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio) units to the HVAC rooftop market in 2012. The new range introduces next-generation […]

Energy-efficient replacement air conditioning for a Daikin R22 system

The offices of a long-standing Chillaire Limited customer in Nottingham recently received energy-efficient replacement air conditioning for their Daikin system, which originally used R22 refrigerant.   The Electric Avenue offices of data experts, Experian, are one of six they have in Nottinghamshire. The life of the air conditioning system had been extended by converting it from R22 […]

Replacement Hitachi air conditioning system in Leamington Spa

                One of our longest-standing and valued customers in Leamington Spa recently needed a replacement Hitachi air conditioning system. For over 50 years the Smallpeice Trust has been encouraging young people with a passion for engineering to make their ideas a reality. For engineers like ourselves, we believe this […]

Close control precision air conditioning for colos

Close control precision air conditioning is critical in environments where optimum temperatures must be maintained at all times. While Gartner recently said that the traditional data centre is dead thanks to software and as a service (SaaS) in the Cloud, there are still a lot of IT-intensive environments where precision temperature control is vital. Modern businesses […]

Reclaimed refrigerant initiative from Daikin

Daikin UK and the refrigerant management company A-Gas will be working together to recover and re-use reclaimed refrigerant. Announced at Daikin UK’s D1 Partner event in London last week, their Commission with Confidence service guarantees that the R410A refrigerant trim charge for its variable refrigerant volume (VRV) systems will now use reclaimed refrigerant. Daikin’s D1 and […]

Mitsubishi Ceiling Air conditioner System for Coventry Car Dealership

Mitsubishi Ceiling Air Conditioner System Installation Case Study A Mitsubishi Heavy Industry heat pump ceiling air conditioner system was the ideal solution for our recent installation at the Coventry-based car dealership showroom. Mazda Showroom  Suzuki showroom The Green 4 Motor Company dealership provides new and used cars sales and servicing. They are recognised for their [...]

Daikin Heat Pump Air Conditioning for Gym in Cannock

At Chillaire we often recommend Daikin heat pump air conditioning units. Daikin is a leading manufacturer of high quality, reliable heat pumps and air conditioning products. Using the latest technology, they offer excellent environmental temperature control and efficiency. Through research and development, Daikin air conditioning systems have been developed for a wide range of applications. […]

Why Green Buildings Make a Difference?

Green Buildings Environmentally Friendly and Shown to Improve Business Performance Green buildings are not only environmentally friendly; there’s growing evidence that they can also improve overall business performance. We all understand that modern heating, ventilation and cooling systems are efficient and can save us money. However, green buildings can reduce absenteeism and improve morale. Some [...]

Nuaire XBOXER Hybrid Unit

Nuaire XBOXER Hybrid After some interesting design challenges, the mechanical ventilation experts, Nuaire, have now launched their new XBOXER Hybrid range. They provide a natural system with fans for mixing warm air when it’s cold and for higher flow rates in hotter weather. Mixed­-mode or hybrid ventilation is a popular solution for schools. It introduces [...]

Better reliability and improved efficiency from your air-conditioning system

Purchase price is just one consideration when choosing your air-conditioning system. Reliability and running costs aren’t simply a function of the brand you choose, there are other factors too. We asked a selection of consultants to give their views on how to extend the life of air-conditioning systems. Product design and quality The best air […]

Why CO2 Refrigeration is a Viable Option

Learn Why CO2 Refrigeration is a Viable Option for Commercial and Industrial Cooling. Before explaining to you why CO2 refrigeration is a viable option for cooling, it makes sense to delve into some background. Background Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants were part of the solution when chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), were phased out. CFCs had been used [...]

Samsung heat pump air conditioning installation by Chillaire Limited in Dunchurch village in between Rugby & Daventry

Chillaire Limited supplied and installed five Samsung wall heat pump air conditioning systems into a village hall in Dunchurch to provide cooling in summer and heating in winter. The indoor units were interlinked to operate off a single controller with each wall fan coil unit operating off its own internal temperature sensor to provide a more balanced control throughout the hall.

Leamington Spa – Denco Close Control Air Conditioning Installation by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire surveyed, designed and installed a Denco close control precision air conditioning system into a lab in Leamington Spa to provide close control temperature and humidity control of 20 Deg C plus or minus 1 Deg C and 50% relative humidity (RH) control plus or minus 10%.

Daventry Powrmatic gas heater – Powrmatic new NVX range gas heater installation by Chillaire Limited in March Industrial Estate.

Chillaire Limited carried out the heat loss assessment and selected a Powrmatic NVX heater. Completing the entire installation from hanging the heater off the roof beams, installing the mains gas pipe, installing the mains electrical power supply, installing the Powrmatic MV200 control unit and installing the flue complete with dektite seal.

Rugby Town – Veterinary Practice Mitsubishi Heat Pump Air Conditioning installation by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire Limited installed Mitsubishi wall systems from the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK range into a public waiting area, consulting rooms and an animal surgical treatment room.

Tamworth Pharmacy, Mitsubishi Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning System installation by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire Limited carried out the installation of a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) ceiling cassette split type air conditioning system from the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDT cassette range to provide 5.0 kW of cooling capacity into the chemist dispensary area in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Warwickshire Hospital Daikin Air Conditioning and Daikin VAM Heat Recovery Ventilation installation by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire Limited supplied and installed Daikin FTX-KV / RX model range wall mounted heat pump air conditioning split systems and Daikin VAM heat recovery ventilation system into consulting rooms at the Nuffield hospital in the Leamington Spa & Warwick area.

Warwick – Sanyo VRF Air Conditioning System Replacement with Panasonic VRF System Replacement by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire Limited carried out the installation of a new Panasonic VRF system at a customer site in Warwick recently in Tournament Court, Edgehill Drive, Warwick in Warwickshire.

Atherstone, Warwickshire Server Room Vaillant Air Conditioning System Replacement by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire Limited carried out the installation of a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) wall split type air conditioning system from the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK wall range to provide 5.0 kW of cooling capacity into the server room in Atherstone, Warwickshire.

Romford Mazda – Daikin Heat pump Air conditioning Installation by Chillaire Limited

Romford Mazda is a Mazda Car Dealership that was established in 1992 and is passionately committed to ensuring each customer enjoys a motoring experience that surpasses their expectations. We have a mentality that focuses on our customers and tries to satisfy their needs, whether you are looking for a new or used Mazda, servicing, bodywork or MOT.

Redditch Classroom Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Installation by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire Limited carried out the installation of a Mitsubishi Electric wall split type air conditioning system from the Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-SF wall range to provide 6.5 kW of cooling capacity & 7.0 kW heating capacity into a new School Classroom at a school in Redditch, Worcestershire.

Hinckley Air conditioning Installation by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire Limited supplied and installed a Daikin heat pump inverter driven wall split type system indoor model reference FTXS35J2V1B and outdoor model reference RXS35J2V1B.
The Daikin FTXS range is very popular with small businesses and residential applications and individual offices.

Leicester Data Room Air Conditioning Installation by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire Limited carried out the installation of three Mitsubishi Electric wall split type air conditioning systems, from the Mitsubishi Electric PKA-P wall range to provide 14 kW of cooling capacity into a data centre room at our customer site in Leicester, Leicestershire with spare standby capacity.

Rugby Air Conditioning Installation by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire Limited supplied and installed new CD3 precision air conditioning close control systems at the Art Gallery & Museum in Rugby, Warwickshire.
The CD3 air conditioning range can provide simultaneous cooling, heating and humidification or dehumidification processes to achieve the required conditions for a close control environment.

Leamington Spa Air Conditioning installation by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire Limited supplied and installed a new Mitsubishi Electric PFD-P500VME air conditioning close control system at a customer site in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire at PH Manufacturing.

The Mitsubishi Electric PFD-P500VME is a heat pump air conditioning close control air conditioning system, according to the normal understanding of heat pump air conditioning systems it is unable to provide simultaneous cooling and heating, plus it is unable to provide dehumidification.

Coventry gas heating – Powrmatic new LNVX range heater installation by Chillaire Limited at our customer’s premises.

Powrmatic LNVx ErP Warm Air Suspended Gas Unit Heater is ErP compliant and benefits from a redesign throughout its entire construction, performance and aesthetics including the new RAL 7015 colour scheme.

Combat Warm Air Heaters – Industrial & Commercial Heating Solutions by Chillaire Ltd – Northampton

Warm air heating is designed to replace traditional gas water-heating systems within commercial & industrial premises and works by forcing warm air around the building. These heaters are used in commercial properties and public spaces such as retail outlets and sports halls and are known to improve energy efficiency when compared to other systems.

Powrmatic LNVx

Powrmatic have launched their new LNVx suspended warm air heater which combines form, function and ErP compliance to create Powrmatic’s most advanced unit heater to date. Building on the popular features of the successful NVx range, the LNVx meets new NOx criteria as well as the minimum seasonal efficiencies that are now required.

New Refrigerants Being Introduced into the HVAC Industry

Daikin Introduce new generation of inverter driven air and water-cooled screw chillers with R-1234ze(E) refrigerant. The Air-cooled chiller range (TZ series) will be available from 130 kW up to 830 kW cooling capacity. The Water-cooled chiller range (VZ series) will be available from 340 kW up to 1600 kW cooling capacity.

New Venue Air Conditioned by Chillaire Limited – Nadee Indian Restaurant and Banquet Hall in Findern, Derbyshire

Chillaire Limited from Coventry supplied and installed direct expansion Inverter drive, energy efficient Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Air Conditioning (HPAC) systems consisting of twin and triple ducted multi split systems to serve three main halls at the new Nadee 550 seater banqueting hall at Findern, Derbyshire. The new venue hall is situated behind the existing […]

Why is Ventilation so Important for Buildings?

The importance of ventilation in buildings…. Ventilation is the essential process of replacing stale air with fresh air. Without proper ventilation, buildings become susceptible to stagnant air, where bacteria and carbon make the indoor air more polluted than the air outside.

Panasonic Combines Gas and Electric Technologies for High Efficiency Hybrid VRF

Panasonic has introduced an intelligent new Hybrid VRF to the European market, combining electric (EHP) and gas-driven heat pump (GHP) technology for optimal efficiency. The new Hybrid VRF reduces energy costs by automatically switching between its GHP and EHP; it also provides a free supply of domestic hot water (DHW) – ideal for high demand applications, such as hotels and apartment blocks.

Toshiba Heat Pump Air Conditioners

Toshiba Air Conditioning has launched an updated version of its VRF air conditioning design platform help air conditioning contractors design the Toshiba VRF system for customer projects called DesignAirs.
DesignAirs is an advanced air conditioning design application that enables design engineers to create detailed project drawings, including pipework and equipment specifications, for a variety of building types. The latest generation includes a new seasonal performance calculator that allows designers to simulate the actual performance and running costs of a system using local seasonal temperatures and operating conditions.

Panasonic RAC Gets Smarter with WIFI Kit and Heat & Cool App

The new Heat & Cool App from Panasonic offers complete control of your property’s air-conditioning from anywhere in the world and at any time. Supported with the Panasonic RAC WIFI kit (CZ-TACG1) for internet control, the app allows you to operate air-conditioning across multiple rooms and manage energy consumption – all from an Android or iOS smart device.

Mitsubishi Electric Wall Air Conditioners with Wide and Long airflow

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners let you enjoy greater installation freedom and economy as they offer more than enough performance to cover all types of interiors. Selected models feature long-reach airflow. These models deliver an extra-wide angle airflow the distributes air evenly up to 150° laterally to assure you of far less temperature fluctuations across a much larger area.

Samsung Round Ceiling Air Conditioner

Evenly circulates & cools every corner
Unlike 4-way, cassette type air conditioners that create areas of uneven airflow where cool air can’t reach*, a circular outlet blows cool air in all directions, so every corner of a room is the same temperature**.

Comfortable cool, not unpleasantly cold

Clint and Montair Brands

Chillaire Limited from its offices located in Coventry / West Midlands / United Kingdom now offer precision air conditioning brand Montair manufactured by G.I. Industrial Holding Spa.
MONTAIR is the trademark of special applications dedicated to high-tech Close Control systems. For 40 years MONTAIR has been the name of excellence in precision air conditioning in high technology environments: cooling systems for technical applications such as Server rooms and telecommunication plants.

Hitachi Air Conditioning Launches New VRF System

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe is launching an innovative new range of modular VRF units for 2018 under the Hitachi brand. Called Set Free Sigma, the outdoor units for 2-pipe Heat Pump and 3-pipe Heat Recovery will replace the existing Set Free VRF units and will be produced in the company’s European manufacturing facility in Spain.

Honeywell unveils non-flammable refrigerant for AC applications

Refrigerant manufacturer Honeywell may have brought an end to the rumours of a non-flammable low-GWP alternative with the announcement of Solstice N41, a refrigerant with a GWP of approximately 730, for use in stationary air conditioning systems.

Airwell Air Conditioning Systems

Airwell / Systemair AC participates in the certification programme Eurovent ensuring by independent laboratories, the technical specifications according to the international standards.
The Factory in Italy provides a wide range of equipment for the HVAC market ranging from 20 to 1700 kW suitable for a wide range of applications of air conditioning and industrial processes. Airwell / Systemair has 70 years experience in industrial production, of which 50 years is in the HVAC business. Airwell / Systemair Italy is equipped with high tech equipment and has one of the most modern research centres in Europe for the development and testing of chillers and heat pumps.

Lennox Heat Pump and Gas Fired Roof Top Packaged Units

Nowadays, buildings are taking advantage of the best construction techniques, and the different improvements in isolation and lightning technologies contribute to decrease the cooling or heating demands.
eNeRGy range is fully adapted to this new trend and can offer different combinations of thermodynamic refrigerant circuits with the same indoor airflow, giving different cooling or heating capacities

Sanyo Air Conditioning Spares

Sanyo spares and replacement parts / systems for Sanyo air conditioning systems with replacement Panasonic spares / systems by Chillaire Limited in local Midlands, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Bedford & Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Shropshire area and England / Wales.

Air Conditioning Engineer Vacancies

Air Conditioning Engineer vacancies for installation work installing air conditioning and heat pump systems, split type systems, packaged systems, VRV systems, VRF systems, close control systems and chiller units.

R32 Refrigerant Gas Heat pump Air Conditioning Systems

R410a refrigerant gas prices are rising every week and stock levels are diminishing, air conditioning and refrigernat suppliers are struggling to provide large quantities of R410a refrigerant gas for large VRV / VRF air heat pump air conditioning systems repair or new installations, so R32 refrigerant systems are here and the alternative solution or option. European regulation CE 517/2014

Reznor Packaged Heating and Cooling Unit

Reznor combined warm air air handling unit. Gas fired heating with free cooling and if required direct expansion refrigeration cooling ability.

Refrigerant R404A

R404A and Chillaire Limited are registered members of both BESA and Refcom.

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Air Conditioning Hybrid VRF System

Mitsubishi Electric launched its refrigerant free City Multi Hybrid VRF system, back in 2015 / 2016, were celebrating after its innovative Hybrid VRF (HVRF) solution was named Air Conditioning Product of the Year at the ACR News Awards 2017

Mitsubishi Electric (Mr Slim) Air Conditioning Launch R32 Refrigerant Range of Products

Get ready for the new R32 refrigerant gas Mitsubishi Electric (Mr Slim) Air Conditioners, Mitsubishi Electric (Mr Slim) Air Conditioning Launch R32 Refrigerant Range of Products

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) to launch two new Series of Room Air Conditioners.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), launches Nine Models of air conditioning systems Specially Designed for the European Market by Italian design company.

Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe claims it has released the lowest noise level mini cassette on the market

Hitachi Launches ‘Quietest Ceiling Cassette Fan Coil Unit on the Market’ the RCIM FSN4 range has been introduced and is expected to be a great success. Chillaire continue to be an agent for Hitachi Air Conditioning Systems.

Customers still slow to act on F-Gas changes

The approaching F-Gas bans and quota reductions will require a change to lower GWP refrigerants. New refrigerants such as R32 leading the way to a new era.

Sanyo Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems

If you are having problems with your Sanyo air conditioning systems, then call Chillaire Limited. We can obtain all spares for existing Sanyo systems or offer direct replacement new Panasonic replacement systems.

New Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems R32 Refrigerant Gas

Heat Pump Air Conditioning Manufacturers are now starting to manufacturer and supply R32 refrigerant gas operating equipment, openly on the market.

Carrier “AquaSnap” Heat Pumps & “Greenspeed” Intelligence

Carrier Introduce Newest Generation of “AquaSnap” Heat Pumps incorporating “Greenspeed” Intelligence. The energy efficiency performance of the AquaSnap heat pumps with Greenspeed intelligence already meets the 2017 European Ecodesign regulation with a SCOP value in heating of up to 3.38. The new range also offers segment leading performance with European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) values in cooling of up to 4.28.

Air Conditioning: Why might women feel temperature differently from men?

Air conditioning and heat pump systems may effect men and women in different ways. Chillaire sales / design engineers have been monitoring recent research conducted by leading Universities and scientists.

Failure to Keep Accurate F-Gas records could put End Users / Customers at “risk of legal action”

F-Gas Records – Not Keeping up to date F-Gas records could put users and owners of refrigeration and air conditioning at “risk of legal action”

Radiant Heaters

Overhead suspended radiant tube heaters work in the same way as the sun, radiant heat warms all solid objects and surfaces in its path through infrared waves. Being mounted overhead, radiant heaters produce infrared heat that is directed downwards to low level by a reflector. Manufactured by Reznor, Powrmatic, Combat, Bensons or Robert Gordon.

Proserve Limited (Marine Construction Specialists) – New Powrmatic Warm Air Heater Installation by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire Limited carry out installation of 2 x Powrmatic NVX90F gas fired heaters at Proserve Limited, Marine Construction Specialists based in Kenilworth. The 2 x new Powrmatic NVX90F gas fired roof suspended warm air heaters replaced 2 x existing old Powrmatic PGUH330 gas fired warm air heaters.

Daikin Offers Free Access to Patents for Equipment Using Next Generation Refrigerant

Daikin Facilitating global conversion to HFC-32 for air-conditioning, cooling and heat pump equipment

Daikin to introduce R32 Refrigerant Gas

R32 refrigerant could be used in Daikin air conditioners in the UK within two years, as a D1 registered dealer with Daikin UK, Chillaire Limited will be monitoring the progress of R32 by Daikin and will be discussing the product for various projects with our customers.

Chillaire HVAC & Refrigerant Retrofit or New Modern HVAC System Option?

Chillaire Group Total Flushing / Refrigerant Retrofit &Performance Evaluation Service for Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heat Pump systems, HVAC Plants in general. How much money does a saving of 30% energy consumption represent to you?

Sanyo Air Conditioning Systems Spares & Technical Support

Since Panasonic acquired the Sanyo Air Conditioning Systems brand, they have amalgamated the brand into the Panasonic brand. Chillaire Limited are able to provide a full range of spares and technical support.

Water Chillers & Chilled Water Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps

Selecting the right chiller unit with the right configuration and components is very important in chiller selection, all manufacturers have various ranges of chillers and all have different configurations.

How do Air conditioning Systems & Heat Pump Systems Work?

How do air conditioning and heat pump systems work, the heat heat pump reverse cycle operation explained and efficiency, what is the best system to achieve the best conditions at a low cost.

F – Gas Regulations & Changes

The F-Gas regulations have been upgraded to incorporate Global Warming Potential (GWP) for refrigerant gases used in the air conditioning industry, that users, operators and the service engineers need to be aware of for the future.

Hitachi Air Conditioning Systems Offer Free Cooling with Split Type Air Conditioners.

Hitachi Air Conditioning Systems are in the unique position of being the only manufacturer to have applied the ‘free cooling’ concept to split type air conditioning systems & split type heat pump systems.

Inefficient Environmental Control Systems for HVAC may be costing businesses more than wasted energy consumption

Inefficient Environmental Control Systems for HVAC may be costing businesses more than wasted energy consumption. Any system proposed should be designed to the customer requirements and meet new industry energy efficiency requirements and at the same time deliver cooling / heating and air flow effectively, so that staff productivity for the customer is at its maximum.

Chillaire Ltd offers best Design Service & Quality Aftercare Service for Air Conditioning / Ventialtion & Heating

Call Chillaire for the best Design Service & Quality Aftercare Service for your Air Conditioning, Ventilation & Gas Fired Heating requirements in the Midlands & UK area

Air Conditioning, Ventilation & Gas Fired Heating Services in the Midlands & UK area

Call Chillaire for the best design service & quality aftercare service for your Air Conditioning, Ventilation & Gas Fired Heating requirements in the Midlands & UK area

Hitachi Launch New Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) System

Highest seasonal efficiency and lowest refrigerant charge Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system on the market

Air Conditioning Seasonal Efficiency

The Eco-Design Directive (ERP) aims to reduce the environmental impact of products in the EU. With this in mind, an implementing measure for air conditioners is currently being developed to introduce a new method for performance specifications – seasonal efficiency – a measurement that will eventually replace the nominal efficiency method, which has its limitations and is now outdated.

Hitachi Air Conditioners / Chillers & VRF Systems

Hitachi Room Air Conditoners (RAC), Utopia Split Type Systems, Ventilation, IVX, VRF & Chillers

The R22 Phase Out Clock is Ticking Away and Time is Running Out for Users.

There are still air conditioning systems in use that will need replacing in view of the forthcoming F-Gas regulations which come into effect 1st January 2015. Under the regulations, R22 refrigerant cannot be replaced in any refrigeration system within the UK. If you or your clients are still running on R22 refrigerant, time is limited but we can assist you.

Are Air conditioning assessments beneficial?

Air Conditioning Inspections to Improve the Energy Efficiency of the Air conditioning Plant and of the overall Buildings.

Chillaire Limited install Stulz Air Conditioning Systems

Chillaire involved in the installation of Stulz air conditioning equipment into a pre-fabricated container unit, which has been designed and fitted out as a mobile data centre, and used all over the world.

R22 Air Conditioning Refrigerant Operating Systems Solutions

Solutions for R22 air conditioning systems, it is not always necessary to replace the system or whole system and there are other alternatives to simply replacing the R22 gas with an new approved environmentally friendly gas such as R417a, call us for further information 024 7632 0300 or email us at

Hitachi Air Conditioning launches new S-Series premium wall units to combat airborne bacteria

As part of its continuing product development, Hitachi has brought out a new range of energy efficient S-Series premium room air conditioning wall and outdoor units. These systems have ECO technology with hige SEEER & SCOP values.

F-Gas Regulations for Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems

New F-Gas regulations for owners/ operators of air conditioning & refrigeration systems.

Indirect Fresh Air Free Cooling Adiabatic Air Handling Unit

Airedale Launch of AireFlow™ AHU indirect fresh air free cooling adiabatic air handling unit

Need help with any of your Sanyo Air Conditioning Systems

Refrigerant R22 Phase Out Deadline Approaches – January 2015

End users need to have their R22 refrigeration / air conditioning systems retrofitted with new environmentally friendly & approved alternative refrigerant gases or have them replaced the R22 Phase Out Deadline is January 2015.

Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe Announces Launch of New Products

Hitachi Air Conditioning Announces New Hi Efficiency VRF (2 pipe & 3 pipe heat pump) systems & new highly-affordable, premium-efficiency split type air conditioning heat pump systems.

GEA Denco Inverter Driven High Efficiency Chillers and Heat Pumps.

GEA Denco chillers & heat pumps are now offered with inverter driven compressors for better efficiency and reduced running costs, in addition for more enhanced operation.

Replace R22 Refrigerant Systems with new Energy Efficient Systems

Refrigerant R22 operating refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems, Chillaire is replacing with new energy efficient systems, as the dead line for the total ban of the use of recycled R22 refrigerant comes into effect in January 2015. Alternative option is to convert to an alternative environmentally friendly and aproved refrigerant, such as R417a.

New SEER & SCOP Energy Ratings

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) & Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP)

Refrigerant Gas R22 Operating Air Conditioning Systems

AIA (Annual Investment Allowance) is designed for businesses investing in most plant or machinery, enabling them to claim full tax relief on up to £250,000 of the equipment expenditure in the tax year it is incurred. This is very useful for anyone considering replacing any aging refrigerant operating air conditioning systems.

Coventry Telegraph Newspapers

Chillaire Limited were involved in the Design, Supply & Installation of Hitachi IVX Inverter Driven, Heat Pump, Multi Split Type Air Conditioning Systems into the new offices of Coventry Telegraph Newspapers, located in the popular Coventry Canal Basin.

Midea Air Conditioners

Low Cost Cooling & Heating and Low Cost Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems

Chillaire Tick All of the Boxes – Altius, BES, Safe Contractor, Constructionline, CHAS, Gas Safe & Refcom

Chillaire are associated with Altius (Assured Vendor Award), Constructionline, CHAS, Safe Contractor, refcom, Gas Safe & BES (Building & Engineering Services) Associations. BES was formerly HVCA (Heating & Ventilating Contractors Assocoation.

Sharp Air Conditioners

Rumours of Sharp air conditioners, Daikin to buy out Sharp air condiioning division.

Hitachi Keep On Improving Their Multi Space Systems!!

Multi space heat pump air conditioning, multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit, cost effective installation, space saving, effective cooling and heating from IVX over VRF or VRV systems

Energy Efficient Close Control Air Conditioning Systems, Designed, Supplied and Installed by Chillaire Limited

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Systems supplied and installed by Chillaire Limited, we carry out initial consultations with clients to get a better understanidng of their requirement and then design and install the right system for them.

CMM Rooms, Clean Rooms & Laboratory Close Control Applications

Air Conditioning systems for CMM Rooms, Clean Rooms & Laboratories, close control environments.

Hitachi Air Conditioning Strenghens European Factory Operation

Hitachi Air Conditioning Strenghens European Factory Operation to continue to provide Hitachi split type and VRF systems, in addition Heat Pump enegry efficient systems and chillers.

Panasonic & Samsung Air Conditioning Systems

Chillaire are Panasonic & Samsung Heat Pump Inverter Driven Air Conditioning Systems Supplier & Installers.

Heat Pump Air Conditioning Inverter Technology

Heat Pump Air Conditioning Inverter Technology
Inverter control optimises efficiency

Daikin Online Controller

Daikin Air Conditioning, new online controller puts you in control, regardless of where you are

Hitachi Heatpump IVX Plus Air Conditioning Systems

Chillaire still strong agents for Hitachi Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems

Chillaire – CHAS & Altius Approved

Chillaire have now been accredited and been approved by CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) and have also been approved and been awarded assured vendor by Altius.

Compliance Timetable for Stationary Refrigerating, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment

Compliance Timetable for Stationary Refrigerating, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment Now… Individual carrying out activities covered by the F Gas Regulation can no longer operate legally unless they have obtained the new F Gas qualification. Companies who employ personnel carrying out these activities must have obtained their full company F Gas certificate and interim […]

Chillaire News Update

ACRIB News Update UK Response to European Commission F Gas Reports ACRIB representatives met with DEFRA officials in November to share the industry initial response to the European Commission review on F Gas Regulation effectiveness and future policy options. ACRIB is drafting a formal response on behalf of the UK industry to this important consultation, […]

Hitachi Air Conditioning wins ‘Heating Manufacturer of Year’ award with Yutaki-M

Hitachi wins award for their YUTAKI heating system and introduce new Utopia series and continue to impress with their new technology.

GEA Denco Chillers – Air Conditioning – Heat Pumps – Air Cooled – Water Cooled

Chillaire have been impressed with the GEA Denco range and have been puting forward some of the unique range of products to their customers.

Airedale International Air Conditioning Launch ECHO IT Cooling System

Airedale International AIr Conditioning Launch their Eho IT Cooling System, IT Cooling System for the Future.

New Ways to Save Energy and Cost Savings on Air Conditioning and Heating systems – Ecosystem Sensors

Chillaire Limited are now supplying and installing Ecsosense systems to either New or Existing Air Conditioning systems. There are Two Types of models Ecosense sensors which are the Ecosense 2000 and Ecosense 4000. The Ecosense 4000 is Universal and is compatible with most brands of Air conditioning such as Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Airdale, Panasonic, […]

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive Summary The EPBD (2002/91/EC) came into force on 4 January 2003 and is the main legislative instrument at EU level to achieve energy performance in buildings. Under this Directive, Member States must apply minimum requirements as regards the energy performance of new and existing buildings, ensure the certification of their […]

Air Conditioning for Conservatories

Chillaire have been supplying and installing air conditioning systems for domestic and commercial conservatories, we have been using Daikin, Hitachi and Mitsubishi systems, wall and floor mounted to suit the customer. Heatpump systems can provide heating to a factor of 4 to 1, and in same cases when up to 6 to 1, which means […]

R22 Phase Out Update News From Chillaire

R22 Phase Out Update News from Chillaire New legislation is enforcing the removal and replacement of the low temperature refrigerant- R22 refrigeration system. R22 refrigerants are widely used throughout process chillers and industrial refrigerant plants, although these changes in legislation will affect any company that sustains the need for or has a high requirement for […]

Air Conditioning Inspection Reports

The latest news on the air conditioning inspections, these are mandatory now and customers now need to start taking notice and start to organise these inspection at there premises, Chillaire Limited are working in partnership with an accredited assessor.

Chillare Becomes Distributor for Axon Enterprises and Interlevin

Chillaire Limited now supply more than just Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation. We can now offer Commercial/Industrial Kitchen, Catering and Refrigeration Equipment

Important tips for getting more reliability from your air-conditioning system & higher efficiency

Get the most out of your air conditioning system, make sure it designed and installed by a professional qualified contractor and keep it well maintained under a maintenance plan

Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS)

Chillaire have achieved compliance with the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme, more commonly referred to as CHAS.

Panasonic Air Conditioning Systems

Chillaire Limited has re-established its relationship with Panasonic Air Conditioning Systems, Chillaire have been supplying and installing Panasonic on and off for the past 10 years. The brand was available through various distributors in the past, but this was not the case over the past 5 years, but this seems to be changing again.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning Systems

Chillaire Limited has had a long good relationship with Fujitsu, we have sold thousands of systems over the past 20 years and continue to install them today.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Systems

Chillaire Limited have been supplying and installing Mitsubishi Heavy Industry air conditioning systems, VRF, Split Type Systems, Ducted, Package, Heat Pump, Inverter, High Efficiency

Repossessed Mitsubishi Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems FOR SALE

FOR SALE: Repossessed Mitsubishi Heat Pump Inverter Air Conditioning Systems for sale at discounted price!

Hitachi Air Conditioning to showcase its green product offering at Climatizacion

Hitachi Showcase The Future in Inverter Driven Air Conditioning & New High Energy Efficient Hot Water & Heating Systems Climatizacion

Daikin New Improved Sky Air Inverter Outdoor Units Offer Greater Efficiencies

Daikin offer the new RZQ higer efficiency range of outdoor units, more energy efficient.

Daikin Altherma Heat Pump – Heating & Hot Water System

New Altherma ‘Monobloc’ Heat Pump System Launched by Daikin, An alternative to conventional gas Central Heating Systems for Heating or Hot Water & More Energy Efficient

Hitachi Yutaki Hot Water & Heating System

Hitachi’s energy efficient heat pump receives MCS approval to bring customers cost-saving benefits.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The Government Heat Incentive Scheme, this may benefit you, if you are looking to install a renewable energy type of system, like a high energy efficient heat pump system, this may be of interest.

Refrigerant R22 Phase Out – Customers Need to Plan Ahead

R22 Phase Out, Customers Need to Plan Ahead, Start Planning Now.

Extra Discounts on Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

Extra discounts on air conditioning and heating systems, quality systems at cheaper prices.

New Government Company Allowance Changes Effective April 2012

The government is making changes to the tax allowance & benefit for capital expenditure for businesses, businesses need to act now, if capital expenditure is being considered for the future and an air conditioning or a heating system is required.

HMCS – Autocad & Air Conditioning Services

Chillaire have recently completed 3 large project for Her Majesty’s Court Services, on completion of each project, CAD drawings were provided to show the exact lay out of all of the plant installed on each site, in Worcester, Kidderminster & Hereford, our in house CAD users have all been trained by Autocad Training provider “On […]

Service Maintenance Contracts

What some of our customers are saying “Chillaire are offering exceptional service at very competitive rates”, references available upon request.

Carbon Trust Loans

The Carbon Trust is offering in some cases 100% loans to businesses to help them to improve there air conditioning, heating or ventilation systems, to reduce energy consumption, by having high efficiency inverter controlled air conditioning heat pump systems.

Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA)

Enhanced Capital Allowance is a government backed scheme offering tax relief for anyone who has a new air conditioning or heating systems installed, which is energy efficient to operate, this is to help reduce carbon emmissions.

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

New government legislation has come into force, where deadlines have been set for anyone who have a 12 kW or over air conditioning systems on there premises to have them inspected by an accredited assessor.

R22 Refrigerant Gas Phase Out

R22 Refrigerant Gas Phase Out Since the end of 2003, the import or production of new air conditioning systems using environmentally harmful R22 refrigerant gases was banned under Government and EU legislation. R22 Banned Since January 2010 it has been illegal to use virgin R22 gas for maintaining or servicing existing air conditioning units and from December 2014 there will […]

CFC Refrigerant Guidelines

CFC Refrigerant Guidelines Frequent Checks Required by New Government Legislation New Government Legislation requires that all air conditioning systems operating on CFC refrigerant gases are checked frequently for any potential leaks. The guidelines are as follows: - All systems with a minimum of 3 kg of refrigerant gas should be checked annually. - Any over [...]

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