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5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Any Commercial Building

Making sure your commercial HVAC maintenance is kept to a high standard is important. Not only does it ensure your system is running efficiently, it also helps keep energy costs down. Here are 5 HVAC maintenance tips for your commercial building: 

5 Signs Your Commercial Building Has Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation can cause multiple health concerns within a business, which is why it’s important to regularly maintain and service your HVAC system. In fact, such a scenario is known as ‘sick building syndrome.’ Whilst most common in the office, it can happen in any building.

What Do the Government’s Energy Efficiency Grants Entail?

While the cost of living is still affecting households across the UK and energy fees are rising, businesses are seeing a huge reduction in the amount of electrical goods they are selling and installing. To combat this, the government has provided a variety of energy efficiency grants worth £6 billion.

Navigating Air Conditioning Building Regulations

If you are a commercial property owner, it is important to be aware of air conditioning building regulations. Although some domestic air conditioning building regulations do exist, you are far more likely to have to adhere to regulatory standards as a commercial property owner. Knowing the literature, and exactly what the regulations stipulate, will help […]

Powrmatic LX gas heater and Powrmatic CEC Destratification Fans installation at Brennan Industries

Powrmatic LX140F Gas Heater Installation Chillaire Ltd supplied and installed two new Powrmatic LX140F roof suspended gas fired heaters at Brennan Industries new premises at Wharf Approach in Walsall and four new Powrmatic CEC destratification fans into their new warehouse. Heating was required for the warehouse to provide heating for the staff as they carry [...]

A Guide: How To Achieve Cheap Air Con

With the cost of living crisis continuing to impact the country, achieving cheap air con this summer is becoming a more prevalent conversation, especially for businesses. Cheap AC can be obtained easily if you know what to do. But if you don’t, this article will tell you everything you need to know.  In this month’s […]

How To Fix Air Conditioning For Use

Endeavouring to fix air conditioning units throughout your building before summer sets in is the best way to achieve and maintain a comfortable working environment for your employees. Air conditioning maintenance is an integral component of keeping your air conditioning running optimally and identifying potential issues before they become emergencies.  In this article, we discuss […]

How To Tell If You’re Dealing With A Broken Commercial Heating System

How To Tell If You’re Dealing With A Broken Heating System Broken commercial heating is a nuisance at best and a huge problem at worst and can impact on your office staff and productivity. An office or commercial broken heating that is left untreated can have many consequences, including irreparable damage, an unusually high electricity […]

A Guide To Cost Effectively Heating an Office

A Guide To Cost Effectively Heating an Office Cost-effective heating is becoming a more prominent conversation due to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and the increasing energy rates across all sectors. Cheap heating is undoubtedly a focus for business owners who must maintain large offices at comfortable temperatures for their employees. So, if you’re one of […]

When’s The Best Time For Air Conditioning Unit Installation?

When’s The Best Time For Air Conditioning Unit Installation? Now that summer has passed, and we’ve fallen into autumn, the demand for AC units is decreasing. Although, the best time of year for air conditioning unit installation is autumn. There are many reasons for this, and this article will tell you what those reasons are.  […]

How To Heat A Warehouse: Everything You Need To Know

How To Heat A Warehouse: Everything You Need To Know As winter approaches, considering methods to heat a warehouse is becoming increasingly important. Warehouses are comparable to greenhouses in that they exacerbate blazing heat in the summer and keep in the cold in the winter. For this reason, installing heating solutions in your warehouse is […]

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need? Air Conditioner BTU, design, placement, and personal needs are all things you need to think about when considering what size air conditioner you need for your business. Buying an air conditioner is an expensive investment, so it’s important to get it right so as not to spend more […]

How does industrial air conditioning work?

How does industrial air conditioning work? Industrial air conditioning is a great asset for any warehouse. But the task of installing it can seem a bit daunting, especially if you don’t understand it at all. Fortunately, we at Chillaire can take care of that part for you. We have an impressive portfolio built on 30 […]

Heat Pump vs Gas Boiler: Which One Is Better?

Heat Pump vs Gas Boiler: Which One Is Better? The heat pump vs gas boiler debate is one that is currently popular, and it is also one that is fairly complex. But are heat pumps better than boilers? If you are looking to make the move from your traditional boiler to a heat pump, the […]

Do Office Workers Need an Air Ventilation System?

Do Office Workers Need an Air Ventilation System? Air ventilation systems are used everywhere. Whether it is at home, whilst you are out shopping or at work you will undoubtedly experience the benefits of a ventilation system. In commercial and industrial environments, adequate ventilation is a must. But why is this? In this article we […]

How To Identify a Good Air Conditioning Engineer

How To Identify a Good Air Conditioning Engineer There are an abundance of air conditioning engineers on the market today. With so much choice as a customer, it can be hard to know where your money is best spent. Here at Chillaire, we have been in the industry for years and, we believe, have seen […]

How Do Air Conditioners Work?

How Do Air Conditioners Work? Air conditioners are now widely manufactured, distributed and used, but how do air conditioners work? How air conditioning works is often insufficiently explained. For people trying to diagnose problems with their air conditioning system or explain faults to an engineer, it can be challenging. Although they come in a variety […]

What Is Ventilation And Why Is It Important?

What Is Ventilation And Why Is It Important? There is no questioning the importance of fresh air. Not only do we need it to survive, but it is essential to our overall well-being. But what is ventilation exactly and why is it important? In the following post, we hope to outline and answer these questions [...]

Improve Indoor Air Quality and Lifestyle with Panasonic nanoe™ X Technology and Daikin Streamer Technology

Improve Indoor Air Quality and Lifestyle with Panasonic nanoe™ X Technology and Daikin Streamer Technology Air Purifiers Air conditioning and Air purifiers are two different systems which cater for different needs. Whilst air conditioning works to produce cool air at an effective rate, air purifiers central purpose is to improve the quality of air in [...]

Sanyo Heat Pump & VRF & Chiller Spares

Sanyo Heat Pump & VRF & Chiller Spares We are still able to continue to source spare parts for existing Sanyo heat pump air conditioning systems and chillers or offer replacement systems. This can be done by matching existing Sanyo split Air Conditioning Systems, Heat Pump Systems, VRF Systems or Chiller Units with new Panasonic [...]

Commercial & Industrial Gas Fired Heating Solutions

Powrmatic / Combat / Winterwarm - Gas Fired Warm Air Heating Why Gas Fired Warm Air Heating for Commercial or Industrial Environments? Gas fired warm air heating is a cost effective way of heating large spaces such warehouses or distributions centres or showrooms or similar. The latest gas fired heaters manufactured by Combat / Winterwarm [...]

Winter Warm Gas Fired Heating: Perfect Solution for Modern Buildings

Winter Warm Gas Fired Heating Winterwarm have been provide heating solutions for industrial and commercial environments & applications. Warm air heating systems are both cost effective and comfortable, providing a pleasant working environment at reasonable cost. Whether you are heating a factory, warehouse, workshop, showroom or just about any other building, there is a heating solution from Chillaire [...]

Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) – Heating and Air Conditioning

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) The summer is nearly over and the requirement for air conditioning tends to traditionally fade away as people’s perception of air conditioning systems is that it's for the summer season and for cooling only. However, this perception is slowly changing as people are starting to realise the benefit of Air [...]

VRF heat pump systems for business premises

VRF Heat Pump Systems for Business Premises VRF heat pump systems are an increasingly popular option for business premises of all shapes and sizes. Because no two business premises are the same, specifying a heating system needs to be carefully considered to deliver the best possible comfort and energy efficiency. Size, heat loss, hours of […]

Air conditioning and energy savings

Air Conditioning and Energy Savings Air conditioning and HVAC systems have a number of jobs. Heating systems increase the indoor temperature and compensate for heat losses. On the other hand, many spaces gain heat from the sun, people and equipment. This makes them uncomfortable, so cooling is also needed. Ventilation systems supply air to an […]

Energy-efficient replacement air conditioning for a Daikin R22 system

Energy-efficient replacement air conditioning for a Daikin R22 system The offices of a long-standing Chillaire Limited customer in Nottingham recently received energy-efficient replacement air conditioning for their Daikin system, which originally used R22 refrigerant.   The Electric Avenue offices of data experts, Experian, are one of six they have in Nottinghamshire. The life of the air conditioning […]

Mitsubishi Ceiling Air conditioner System for Coventry Car Dealership

Mitsubishi Ceiling Air Conditioner System Installation Case Study A Mitsubishi Heavy Industry heat pump ceiling air conditioner system was the ideal solution for our recent installation at the Coventry-based car dealership showroom. Mazda Showroom  Suzuki showroom The Green 4 Motor Company dealership provides new and used cars sales and servicing. They are recognised for their [...]

Daikin Heat Pump Air Conditioning for Gym in Cannock

Daikin Heat Pump Air Conditioning for Gym in Cannock At Chillaire we often recommend Daikin heat pump air conditioning units. Daikin is a leading manufacturer of high quality, reliable heat pumps and air conditioning products. Using the latest technology, they offer excellent environmental temperature control and efficiency. Through research and development, Daikin air conditioning systems […]

Nuaire XBOXER Hybrid Unit

Nuaire XBOXER Hybrid After some interesting design challenges, the mechanical ventilation experts, Nuaire, have now launched their new XBOXER Hybrid range. They provide a natural system with fans for mixing warm air when it’s cold and for higher flow rates in hotter weather. Mixed­-mode or hybrid ventilation is a popular solution for schools. It introduces [...]

Samsung heat pump air conditioning installation by Chillaire Limited in Dunchurch village in between Rugby & Daventry

Chillaire Limited supplied and installed five Samsung wall heat pump air conditioning systems into a village hall in Dunchurch to provide cooling in summer and heating in winter. The indoor units were interlinked to operate off a single controller with each wall fan coil unit operating off its own internal temperature sensor to provide a more balanced control throughout the hall.

Leamington Spa – Denco Close Control Air Conditioning Installation by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire surveyed, designed and installed a Denco close control precision air conditioning system into a lab in Leamington Spa to provide close control temperature and humidity control of 20 Deg C plus or minus 1 Deg C and 50% relative humidity (RH) control plus or minus 10%.

Warwickshire Hospital Daikin Air Conditioning and Daikin VAM Heat Recovery Ventilation installation by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire Limited supplied and installed Daikin FTX-KV / RX model range wall mounted heat pump air conditioning split systems and Daikin VAM heat recovery ventilation system into consulting rooms at the Nuffield hospital in the Leamington Spa & Warwick area.

Warwick – Sanyo VRF Air Conditioning System Replacement with Panasonic VRF System Replacement by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire Limited carried out the installation of a new Panasonic VRF system at a customer site in Warwick recently in Tournament Court, Edgehill Drive, Warwick in Warwickshire.

Atherstone, Warwickshire Server Room Vaillant Air Conditioning System Replacement by Chillaire Limited

Chillaire Limited carried out the installation of a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) wall split type air conditioning system from the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK wall range to provide 5.0 kW of cooling capacity into the server room in Atherstone, Warwickshire.

Romford Mazda – Daikin Heat pump Air conditioning Installation by Chillaire Limited

Romford Mazda is a Mazda Car Dealership that was established in 1992 and is passionately committed to ensuring each customer enjoys a motoring experience that surpasses their expectations. We have a mentality that focuses on our customers and tries to satisfy their needs, whether you are looking for a new or used Mazda, servicing, bodywork or MOT.

Redditch Classroom Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Installation

Chillaire Limited carried out the installation of a Mitsubishi Electric wall split type air conditioning system from the Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-SF wall range to provide 6.5 kW of cooling capacity & 7.0 kW heating capacity into a new School Classroom at a school in Redditch, Worcestershire.

Leicester Data Room Air Conditioning Installation

Chillaire Limited carried out the installation of three Mitsubishi Electric wall split type air conditioning systems, from the Mitsubishi Electric PKA-P wall range to provide 14 kW of cooling capacity into a data centre room at our customer site in Leicester, Leicestershire with spare standby capacity.

Coventry Gas Heating – Powrmatic New LNVX Range Heater Installation

Powrmatic LNVx ErP Warm Air Suspended Gas Unit Heater is ErP compliant and benefits from a redesign throughout its entire construction, performance and aesthetics including the new RAL 7015 colour scheme.

Combat Warm Air Heaters – Industrial & Commercial Heating Solutions by Chillaire Ltd – Northampton

Warm air heating is designed to replace traditional gas water-heating systems within commercial & industrial premises and works by forcing warm air around the building. These heaters are used in commercial properties and public spaces such as retail outlets and sports halls and are known to improve energy efficiency when compared to other systems.

New Refrigerants Being Introduced into the HVAC Industry

Daikin Introduce new generation of inverter driven air and water-cooled screw chillers with R-1234ze(E) refrigerant. The Air-cooled chiller range (TZ series) will be available from 130 kW up to 830 kW cooling capacity. The Water-cooled chiller range (VZ series) will be available from 340 kW up to 1600 kW cooling capacity.

New Venue Air Conditioned by Chillaire Limited – Nadee Indian Restaurant and Banquet Hall in Findern, Derbyshire

New Venue Air Conditioned by Chillaire Limited – Nadee Indian Restaurant and Banquet Hall in Findern, Derbyshire Chillaire Limited from Coventry supplied and installed direct expansion Inverter drive, energy efficient Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Air Conditioning (HPAC) systems consisting of twin and triple ducted multi split systems to serve three main halls at the new […]

Why is Ventilation so Important for Buildings?

The importance of ventilation in buildings…. Ventilation is the essential process of replacing stale air with fresh air. Without proper ventilation, buildings become susceptible to stagnant air, where bacteria and carbon make the indoor air more polluted than the air outside.

Toshiba Heat Pump Air Conditioners

Toshiba Air Conditioning has launched an updated version of its VRF air conditioning design platform help air conditioning contractors design the Toshiba VRF system for customer projects called DesignAirs.
DesignAirs is an advanced air conditioning design application that enables design engineers to create detailed project drawings, including pipework and equipment specifications, for a variety of building types. The latest generation includes a new seasonal performance calculator that allows designers to simulate the actual performance and running costs of a system using local seasonal temperatures and operating conditions.

Mitsubishi Electric Wall Air Conditioners with Wide and Long airflow

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners let you enjoy greater installation freedom and economy as they offer more than enough performance to cover all types of interiors. Selected models feature long-reach airflow. These models deliver an extra-wide angle airflow the distributes air evenly up to 150° laterally to assure you of far less temperature fluctuations across a much larger area.

Chillaire Now Install Clint and Montair Brands

Chillaire Limited from its offices located in Coventry / West Midlands / United Kingdom now offer precision air conditioning brand Montair manufactured by G.I. Industrial Holding Spa.
MONTAIR is the trademark of special applications dedicated to high-tech Close Control systems. For 40 years MONTAIR has been the name of excellence in precision air conditioning in high technology environments: cooling systems for technical applications such as Server rooms and telecommunication plants.

Airwell Air Conditioning Systems

Airwell / Systemair AC participates in the certification programme Eurovent ensuring by independent laboratories, the technical specifications according to the international standards.
The Factory in Italy provides a wide range of equipment for the HVAC market ranging from 20 to 1700 kW suitable for a wide range of applications of air conditioning and industrial processes. Airwell / Systemair has 70 years experience in industrial production, of which 50 years is in the HVAC business. Airwell / Systemair Italy is equipped with high tech equipment and has one of the most modern research centres in Europe for the development and testing of chillers and heat pumps.

Lennox Heat Pump and Gas Fired Roof Top Packaged Units

Nowadays, buildings are taking advantage of the best construction techniques, and the different improvements in isolation and lightning technologies contribute to decrease the cooling or heating demands.
eNeRGy range is fully adapted to this new trend and can offer different combinations of thermodynamic refrigerant circuits with the same indoor airflow, giving different cooling or heating capacities

Sanyo Air Conditioning Spares

Sanyo spares and replacement parts / systems for Sanyo air conditioning systems with replacement Panasonic spares / systems by Chillaire Limited in local Midlands, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Bedford & Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Shropshire area and England / Wales.

Sanyo Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems

If you are having problems with your Sanyo air conditioning systems, then call Chillaire Limited. We can obtain all spares for existing Sanyo systems or offer direct replacement new Panasonic replacement systems.

Carrier “AquaSnap” Heat Pumps & “Greenspeed” Intelligence

Carrier Introduce Newest Generation of “AquaSnap” Heat Pumps incorporating “Greenspeed” Intelligence. The energy efficiency performance of the AquaSnap heat pumps with Greenspeed intelligence already meets the 2017 European Ecodesign regulation with a SCOP value in heating of up to 3.38. The new range also offers segment leading performance with European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) values in cooling of up to 4.28.

Failure to Keep Accurate F-Gas records could put End Users / Customers at “risk of legal action”

F-Gas Records – Not Keeping up to date F-Gas records could put users and owners of refrigeration and air conditioning at “risk of legal action”

Chillaire HVAC & Refrigerant Retrofit or New Modern HVAC System Option?

Chillaire Group Total Flushing / Refrigerant Retrofit &Performance Evaluation Service for Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heat Pump systems, HVAC Plants in general. How much money does a saving of 30% energy consumption represent to you?

Sanyo Air Conditioning Systems Spares & Technical Support

Since Panasonic acquired the Sanyo Air Conditioning Systems brand, they have amalgamated the brand into the Panasonic brand. Chillaire Limited are able to provide a full range of spares and technical support.

F – Gas Regulations & Changes

The F-Gas regulations have been upgraded to incorporate Global Warming Potential (GWP) for refrigerant gases used in the air conditioning industry, that users, operators and the service engineers need to be aware of for the future.

GEA Denco Inverter Driven High Efficiency Chillers and Heat Pumps.

GEA Denco chillers & heat pumps are now offered with inverter driven compressors for better efficiency and reduced running costs, in addition for more enhanced operation.

New SEER & SCOP Energy Ratings

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) & Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP)

Midea Air Conditioners

Low Cost Cooling & Heating and Low Cost Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems

Sharp Air Conditioners

Rumours of Sharp air conditioners, Daikin to buy out Sharp air condiioning division.

Energy Efficient Close Control Air Conditioning Systems, Designed, Supplied and Installed by Chillaire Limited

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Systems supplied and installed by Chillaire Limited, we carry out initial consultations with clients to get a better understanidng of their requirement and then design and install the right system for them.

CMM Rooms, Clean Rooms & Laboratory Close Control Applications

Air Conditioning systems for CMM Rooms, Clean Rooms & Laboratories, close control environments.

GEA Denco Chillers – Air Conditioning – Heat Pumps – Air Cooled – Water Cooled

Chillaire have been impressed with the GEA Denco range and have been puting forward some of the unique range of products to their customers.

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