A Guide To Cost Effectively Heating an Office

Cost-effective heating is becoming a more prominent conversation due to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and the increasing energy rates across all sectors. Cheap heating is undoubtedly a focus for business owners who must maintain large offices at comfortable temperatures for their employees. So, if you’re one of them, this guide is for you. 

In this article, we will discuss the different methods you could use to achieve cost-effective heating in your office to help decrease your monthly outgoings and the different types of heaters we install. 

Heating Systems

Here at Chillaire we offer many different type of heating systems, however the two main types of systems we install regularly are air source heat pump systems and gas fired warm air heaters.

  • Air Source Heat Pump Systems

Air Source Heat pumps run using electricity and are the most functionally efficient method of heating available. To elaborate: air source heat pumps can achieve efficiencies of 3kWh of usable heat per every 1kW of electricity. 

Although they are not the most cost-effective heating system, because they run on electricity, they can be manipulated to be far more cost-effective if the system is well designed and properly installed in a thermally efficient property. Air Source heat pump air conditioning systems are becoming more popular with customers for office environments due to the simpler installation and lesser complexity compared to boiler and central heating systems, and the cheaper installation cost. The additional benefit of the heat pump air conditioning system over the central heating and boiler system is that you can use the heat pump air conditioning system for cooling during summer months. It is a system that provides benefits all year round.

  • Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are a cheaper method of heating for large spaces in comparison to air source heat pump air conditioning systems because they don’t run on electricity, and gas usually remains at a lower price than electricity does. The lower operational cost, however, does translate into slightly lowered operational efficiency. But, this can be helped substantially by adopting a combination of actions you can practice yourself in the office. 


Cost-effective heating for production or warehouse commercial / industrial premises

Cost-effective heating starts with the system you decide to use. But the deciding factor of how cheap heating will be for you depends on the things you do around the office that can negatively impact the functionality of your heater. 

  • Close doors and windows

Sealing the entrances to your office / commercial premises will help to improve your heating system’s efficiency. Not only in terms of cost but the general circulation of warm air around the room. Open doors and windows can encourage warm air to escape the room and let in the cold. So, simply keeping your doors and windows closed can do wonders for the heating. 

  • Replace traditional ventilation systems

If you have traditional mechanical ventilation systems it would be better to replace them with heat recovery ventilation, all buildings require ventilation which can be natural ventilation which cannot be controlled for cooling or heating. However traditional mechanical ventilation is normally temperature controlled but this involves mechanical cooling (chiller unit) or mechanical electric or boiler heating which is costly, then the traditional ventilation systems are designed to supply 100% fresh air into buildings and 100% extraction so any  cooling or heating that is then lost to the outside environment so a lot of wasted energy.

Heat recovery ventilation uses outgoing extract air to cool down in summer or warm up in winter the fresh air uing the room / space extract air through a special heat exchanger which does not allow the fresh air or extract air to actually mix, but does allow temperature (cooling or heating) to be transferred from the extract air to the incoming fresh air. So heat recovery ventilation is a very good recommendation.



Here at Chillaire, we can provide cost-effective heating solutions at competitive prices to ensure you receive fantastic value for your money. If you’d like to learn more about the differences between heat pumps and gas heaters and how one may suit your office better, read our article about it

We have confidence in our products and services, which is why we offer an extended warranty, free quotes, and consultation. Additionally, we are accredited by various organisations, including Gas Safe, Achilles, and Mitsubishi Electric. 

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