Toshiba Heat Pump Air Conditioners

Toshiba Air Conditioning has launched an updated version of its VRF air conditioning design platform help air conditioning contractors design the Toshiba VRF system for customer projects called DesignAirs.

DesignAirs is an advanced air conditioning design application that enables design engineers to create detailed project drawings, including pipework and equipment specifications, for a variety of building types. The latest generation includes a new seasonal performance calculator that allows designers to simulate the actual performance and running costs of a system using local seasonal temperatures and operating conditions.  It also allows users to specify different electricity tariffs, in order to estimate running costs under different supply scenarios. Designers can print out a report to show the anticipated running costs of a system for end users, and how much CO2 it will produce in a year.

The design platform has three-dimentional capabilities that can generate schematic drawings showing pipework routing, outdoor/indoor unit and FS box locations, providing a clear overview of the installation for the contractor and end user. This also can be used to highlight any potential issues with a design in relation to oil traps and height difference separation. Unlike other design software that outputs design elements as separate drawings, the new DesignAirs system can generate a single page view showing all elements of a system, either as a PDF or an AutoCAD file.

Alongside the introduction of the enhanced DesignAirs, the company has issued updated Building Information Modelling (BIM) software for use with Autodesk Revit, an industry standard BIM platform. Used for creating and managing information on construction projects, one of the key outputs of the BIM software is a digital model detailing many aspects of a building, including its heating, air conditioning and ventilation services. The enhancement includes BIM Revit icons to be used in Autodesk Revit to represent specific items of equipment in a building’s HVAC system within the digital model.

Toshiba’s newly updated suite of digital BIM Revit icons covers its digital inverter and super digital inverter ranges, SMMS-e and SHRM-e VRF systems and CIAT air handling units, heat pumps and chillers.

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