Sanyo Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems

Having Problems with your Sanyo air conditioning systems, then it is time to call Chillaire Limited.

In recent years Chillaire have carried out extensive work on Sanyo VRF 3 pipe heat pump systems. One of the most common problems that we have had to attend to on a number of occasions has been to faulty reversing valves, which appear to get stuck mid way and the system is unable to provide 100% heating or cooling.

We are able to continue to source replacement spare parts from Panasonic who took over Sanyo, including these reversing valves.

The work involved in replacing these valves is difficult and costly to the end user.

Another problem reported by the Chillaire engineers is problems with the mother board which on occasions requires an update to its software which has to be carried out by the manufacturers Sanyo (Panasonic) which has been arranged by Chillaire Limited.

We have been doing repairs in the Midlands and Warwickshire area, but will offer our services throughout England and Wales.

Problems with reversing  valves, mother boards and any other problems associated with Sanyo VRF systems or split systems can be resolved by Chillaire engineers.

Panasonic air conditioning systems are able to offer direct replacement new systems from their VRF and split Panasonic range.

We can assess your current Sanyo air conditioning system, whether it is a VRF or split range and match up a system from the Panasonic range. We will remove the old Sanyo system and install the new Panasonic system. We may be able to retain the existing interconnecting services or install new interconnecting services depending on the condition of the existing services.

For further information call us on our main call centre 024 7632 030 or go to our website for your regional phone number. You can email us at

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