How does industrial air conditioning work?

Industrial air conditioning is a great asset for any warehouse. But the task of installing it can seem a bit daunting, especially if you don’t understand it at all. Fortunately, we at Chillaire can take care of that part for you. We have an impressive portfolio built on 30 years of experience, so you can be sure that we will meet your air conditioning needs. 

But, if you’re still curious to know how industrial air conditioning works, read this article, and we will inform you and provide you with reasons why you should install industrial AC in your building.


  • Where is industrial air conditioning used? 

Industrial air conditioning units are used in large-scale manufacturing and production facilities, as well as storage and distribution warehouses. This is for various reasons, but the general purpose is to keep everything inside the building cool. This includes your employees, the machines used, and the items produced. 


  • How do industrial air conditioning units work?

Industrial air conditioning units work the same way as ordinary air conditioning. But the systems installed in warehouses and factories are much larger in scale.

Essentially, there’s a compressor inside of the unit that compresses a refrigerant. Normally, compounds like propane or butane are used as refrigerants for large systems. R134A or R410A HFC refrigerant gas is often used for this.  

This compressor compresses these compounds and increases their pressure and temperature. Externally, hot air is blown over the refrigerant vapor using a fan to liquefy it. 

The expansion valve inside the machine changes the refrigerant into a low-pressure liquid and simultaneously cools it. 

High-speed fans then extract the cool air out, suck in warm air, and the process continues. 

This entire process is done through one control panel. 

This control panel works by communicating with a series of temperature detectors that will be installed in various positions across the building to determine the average temperature of each room and activate the industrial air conditioning and cool each room to the desired temperature, 


  • Why should you install an industrial air conditioning unit?

Industrial AC can be exceptionally helpful in ensuring that your company workflow is smooth and consistent and that you’re providing your employees with a safe and comfortable working environment. 

The machines in your facility are liable to overheating and becoming unsafe if not treated properly. By installing industrial AC, you lessen the chance of accidents and the risk of broken equipment, as some equipment needs to operate under specific environmental conditions. 

Air conditioning will maintain the temperature of your building and also keep your employees comfortable and productive. 

If the overall environment of the building is too hot, your employees will find it difficult to reach their full potential. Industrial air conditioning can ensure that those who work for you are doing so at optimal levels. 


  • Why should you consider installing commercial air conditioning?

Commercial air conditioning works exactly the same way as industrial air conditioning, only on a far smaller scale. Most often, commercial air conditioning is used in workplace settings like offices and shops to keep the air cool but can also be used as a heater when your space gets cold. 

By regulating the temperature of your commercial space, anyone who visits your space, like employees or customers, will be exceedingly more comfortable and productive. Commercial air conditioning is essential in maintaining the happiness of those around you and keeping business flowing. 

Hopefully, you now know how an industrial air conditioning unit works and are aware of why both industrial and commercial air conditioning would be a good item to invest in for your business. If you’re interested in speaking with one of our experts, visit our contact us page today. 


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