Green Buildings

Environmentally Friendly and Shown to Improve Business Performance

Green buildings are not only environmentally friendly; there’s growing evidence that they can also improve overall business performance.
We all understand that modern heating, ventilation and cooling systems are efficient and can save us money. However, green buildings can reduce absenteeism and improve morale.

Some forward-looking employers are also using their high-quality working environment as another way to attract and retain the best talent.
Understanding the benefits of green buildings

Plants and waterfall inside a glass building

Understanding the benefits of green buildings

Around half of owners don’t know the financial impact of their green buildings.

  • These can include:
  • Quicker lease periods.
  • Premium rents.
  • Higher building values.

While good feedback and a lack of complaints can indicate the positive impact of green buildings, more structured information will help to make the case.

Almost two-thirds (62%) of owners are now looking to employee satisfaction and engagement surveys to improve their understanding of the benefits of green, sustainable healthy workplaces.

Expert view on green buildings

Industry experts have highlighted that enhanced air quality and comfortable temperatures are at the top list when it comes to a healthy workplace.

For many years research has been available that shows how specific building strategies that include improved natural daylight and air quality can enhance learning and attentiveness in education, recovery rates in healthcare buildings and productivity in general office settings.

A graphic showing seven health building priorities

The top benefits expected by public health professionals are improved emotional and social wellbeing. Their aim is to make building owners, architects, construction companies and facilities managers more aware of the importance of health buildings. While all of these groups already consider the health and wellbeing of building occupants, it isn’t their top priority and is often outweighed by design and construction costs.

For a glance into the future of green buildings, see what Nick Lee of the Commercial Estate Group (CEG) has to say.

If you are interested in enhancing the health of your building with better air quality and temperature control, we’d be happy to give you some advice. Please get in touch.

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