Air Conditioning (AC) maintenance is an aspect of AC systems which should definitely not be neglected. Ever. Many expensive bills can be avoided just by educating consumers on air conditioning systems, the importance of cleaning the filters and ensuring that the airflow is not restricted. Having a fully functional AC system that is well maintained in your home or commercial building is not only beneficial for the environment, but it can save you a lot of money over time. What is also important to note is that regular AC maintenance ensures that your AC system can prolong its life cycle, can continue to be reliable to perform to the highest level possible and improve efficiency levels when utilised. 

As such, this article will talk you through:

  • The importance of air conditioning maintenance
  • How often should you service an AC system 
  • What a AC maintenance check look like
  • The benefits of regularly servicing your AC systems.
  • How you can get your AC serviced today

The Importance Of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Some of you may be wondering what the importance of air conditioning maintenance is. When your air conditioning unit is operating properly and to a high standard, it is likely that you don’t even notice it. Furthermore, when they are serviced correctly, they will remain fully functional for many years which could prove beneficial for you in the future.

However, in contrast, a case study titled ‘Evaluation of Air Conditioning Performance Degradation’ analysed 56 AC cooling systems from years 2012 – 2016, and generally found that they worsened over time. Furthermore, AC degradation most commonly fell by 5% but ranged from -8% to 40%. From this alone, it proves that neglecting to have your AC unit serviced will actually reduce its effectiveness and efficiency. As a result, this could end up costing you significantly on your energy bills or, in the worst case scenario, your AC unit can break which would cost more in the long run when finding a replacement. 

With this in mind it is important to have regular maintenance and servicing as AC engineers can spot any potential problems with your units at the earliest point and ultimately, save you a lot of money and hassle to repair.

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

Working out how often you should arrange an air conditioning engineer to service your unit may be overwhelming, especially if your unit is working without any known problems. The best way to proceed is to arrange an annual service. Your unit may appear to be in great condition but regular servicing will help you to avoid unexpected breakdowns and plan for the future when the unit begins to show signs of wear and tear.

What Does A Maintenance Check Look Like? 

A planned maintenance visit from our engineers will consist of a full clean, visual inspection and testing of all AC systems in your premises. Any problems picked up during the maintenance visit are reported back to the office at Chillaire where a full report of any issues is then created.

A typical maintenance check will consist of the following:

  • Coil Cleaning
  • Drain Checking
  • Refrigerant Testing and Checking
  • Fin Straightening and Cleaning
  • Airflow Checking
  • Control and Terminal Checks

Benefits Of Air Conditioning Maintenance:

Now that we know the importance of air conditioning maintenance and what a typical service check looks like, we are going to list the major benefits of having your AC unit serviced which can be seen below:

  • Increases energy efficiency

AC units may develop small issues over time and if not identified early, they can escalate to more damaging and costly problems. If this happens to your system, the AC unit will have to work harder to cool your environment, thus impacting its efficiency levels. 

  • Reduced overall repair costs

There is always that chance that your AC unit can go from 100% to 0% in the blink of an eye and this is a situation no one wants to deal with as it can be incredibly costly. As such, regular servicing and maintenance, can manage the need for unexpected repairs or even avoid them altogether. 

  • Improved air quality

Over time, your air conditioning systems can become dirty and build up dust if it is not cleaned correctly and frequently. As more dirt and dust accumulates, your filter will become less effective at purifying the air that passes through it which causes poor air quality. With regular checks of your AC unit, you can ensure that your filter stays clean, and successfully purifies the air which consequently will improve your overall health. 

  • Offers Comfort and Peace of Mind

The final benefit of regular air conditioning maintenance is to offer peace of mind. Aside from leisure activities, work or school, a home is where families spend most of their time. Knowing that your AC unit is clean and circulating good quality will only add to the high satisfaction and comfort  of sitting in your own house without a worry of your AC breaking or causing serious harm to your health.

How You Can Get Your AC Serviced Today 

Now you know the importance of air conditioning maintenance checks, perhaps it is time that you contact us to check whether you have any AC issues in your vicinity. If you require any air conditioning services, browse through our site now or chat to one of our experts on at 0800 092 9898 or email us at 

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