close control precision air conditioning in an IT data centreClose control precision air conditioning is critical in environments where optimum temperatures must be maintained at all times.

While Gartner recently said that the traditional data centre is dead thanks to software and as a service (SaaS) in the Cloud, there are still a lot of IT-intensive environments where precision temperature control is vital.

Modern businesses need scalable, flexible and manageable data solutions. Colocation providers (colos) allow customers to use their own servers, networks and data storage hardware in an environment that has the right internet bandwidth, electricity, backup power and environmental controls.

Colos use economies of scale to deliver cost-effective solutions to their customers. Their convenience and price are making them a popular choice. To meet customer expectations, they need to be flexible, technically innovative and robust.

Keeping it cool

Close control precision air conditioningis part of that requirement. Cooling servers represents 40 to 50% of the energy consumed by a data centre.

Efficiency and footprint are key concerns for colos cooling solutions. Any space that isn’t used for servers is a cost that must be minimsed. However, the density of equipment, all generating heat, means that optimum temperature control is also essential.

Options such as deep chilled water coils, optimised air flows, and reduced air-side pressure drops can all make this possible. Using variable speed control in free cooling chillers allows load to be very precisely matched to coolingrequirements, reducing energy consumption and unnecessary wear

Fan walls are also becoming a popular option because a raised floor isn’t needed. They can work well in data centres using hot aisle containment where the pressure difference between the hot and cold aisles can do much of the work, allowing the fan wall to operate at a low fan speed.

Industry leading supplier for close control precision air conditioning

Airedale is one of our preferred suppliers for data centre cooling in medium and low-density server environments. Their SmartCool, EasiCool, Ecotel and Airewall solutions are designed for a wide range of applications where close control, high precision air conditioning is essential.

A national air conditioning service

Chillaire provides close control precision air conditioning solutions nationally. Our head office is in Nuneaton.

We also install air conditioning and heat pumps, and design and install a wide range of commercial chillers and industrial heating and ventilation systems.

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