New Refrigerants Being Introduced into the HVAC Industry

New R513A Refrigerant

Alternative to R134A and with the low GWP refrigerant R513A.

R513A refrigerant advantages:

1) Low GWP (Global Warming Potential): 631 instead of 1430 of R134A

2) Not flammable refrigerant (A1 Class)

3) Available for both Cooling Only and Heat Pump solutions

4) Performances similar to R134A

5) Also suitable for installation with low water temperature


R513A (Opteon© XP10) HFO/HFC blend type family 0% impact on the Ozone: ODP = 0
56% lower impact ON GLOBAL WARMING than R134a: GWP = 631 not flammable: A1 class
Also available for Retrofit of existing systems for both cooling only and Heat Pump versions.
Also available for Low Water Temperature applications.
Similar cooling performances to R134a refrigerant:
Ideal for liquid Chillers and residential A/C


 R1234ZE Refrigerant

The HFO-R1234ze refrigerant, featuring a GWP value lower than 1 (GWP = Global Warming Potential), by far the lowest level in the market (R134a refrigerant has a GWP value of 1430!).

Daikin Introduce new generation of inverter driven air and water-cooled screw chillers with R-1234ze(E) refrigerant. The Air-cooled chiller range (TZ series) will be available from 130 kW up to 830 kW cooling capacity. The Water-cooled chiller range (VZ series) will be available from 340 kW up to 1600 kW cooling capacity.

The selection of R-1234ze(E) refrigerant goes towards minimising the global warming impact of screw compressor chillers thanks to the low Global Warming Potential in combination with high energy efficiency.

R-1234ze(E) is a HFO refrigerant (Hydro Fluoro Olefins). Its Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) allegedly is equal to zero (0) and the Global Warming Potential (GWP) is 7 (according to the EU F-gas Regulation based on IPCC Fourth Assessment Report). The GWP value is less than 1 according to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report.

The new range of screw compressor chillers will be equipped with Daikin design inverter driven single screw compressor with Variable Volume Ratio (VVR) technology.

An inverter drive modulates chiller capacity at part load in the most efficient way, while VVR (Variable Volume Ratio) adjusts compressor operation at any temperature conditions. A sliding valve fine-tunes refrigerant discharge pressure to match the operating condensing pressure. In this way refrigerant is compressed to just the right pressure level thus minimizing the energy losses typical of standard compressors designed with fixed volume ratio. Inverter drive for capacity control and VVR for discharge pressure fine-tuning, are working synergistically in order to optimize unit efficiency at any operating condition. Thanks to this superior technology, current Daikin R-134a and new R-1234ze(E) series are already compliant with 2021 Eco-design efficiency requirements. The R-134a ranges will be maintained in Daikin product portfolio allowing for a smooth market transition. The introduction of the new R-1234ze (E) range will provide a long-term solution that supports the HFC phase down schedule of the F-gas Regulation.


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