Chillaire Limited supplied and installed a new Mitsubishi Electric PFD-P500VME air conditioning close control system at a customer site in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire at PH Manufacturing.

The Mitsubishi Electric PFD-P500VME is a heat pump air conditioning close control air conditioning system, according to the normal understanding of heat pump air conditioning systems it is unable to provide simultaneous cooling and heating, plus it is unable to provide dehumidification.

Despite this the Mitsubishi Electric PFD-P500VME air conditioning close control system can provide a close controlled temperature environment at a very good price!

The Mitsubishi Electric PFD-P500VME air conditioning close control system is not like traditional close control systems such as Airedale or Denco close control systems and it is not capable of providing the conditions to the level that the Airedale and Denco brands are capable of providing, however even with its limitations as a heat pump system the Mitsubishi Electric PFD-P500VME system is capable of providing very good temperature control and within pretty good parameters.

The Mitsubishi Electric PFD-P500VME air handling unit is only available as a downflow set, meaning that the supply air is delivered from the bottom and the return is at the top of the air handling unit.

The system installed at PHM as shown above (fully installed system), we had to put the indoor unit on a specially built stand to allow us to install the supply air ducting to overcome the max 50 PA resistant of the Mitsubishi Electric PFD-P500VME air handling unit. Mitsubishi Electric could not offer the option that would normally be available from Denco or Airedale to upgrade to a larger capacity fan motor to overcome a higher duct resistance.

Airedale & Denco can also offer different configurations, top supply air discharge or bottom supply air discharge.

The Mitsubishi Electric PFD-P500 VME was linked to 2x Mitsubishi Electric 2 x PUHY-RP250YJM-B heat pump air conditioning outdoor units providing a total cooling capacity of 56 kW and a total heating capacity of 63 kW

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