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Chillaire have over 25 years experience installing commercial and industrial heating in Rugby. As commercial & industrial heating specialists in Rugby, we can install a wide range of heating systems and give professional advice on what type of heating would be best suited for your specific requirements. Our team of installers are highly skilled and hold all qualifications required for installing heating systems that we supply. We are also trained in the most up to date health and safety regulations to ensure that the installation of your heating is completed in a risk free manner. We can install most industrial and commercial heating types including warm air heating, radiant tube heating and heat pumps. All systems that we install come with an extended warranty for your peace of mind.

Below is more information on the types of heating systems that we regularly install. For expert advice and help choosing the right system for your heating requirements, call our expert team today.

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Warm Air Heating

Warm air heating is an ideal solution for industrial and commercial heating in Rugby. As this type of heating can either be installed onto roof beams, or be positioned on the ground, it offers versatility for most applications. It is an ideal heating system for large open spaces where doors and windows mainly remain closed. This system warms the air by heating incoming air via a heat exchanger. The heat is then distributed into the room using destratification fans. The end result is a comfortable internal environment that is heated in a cost effective manner.

We regularly install warm air heating into warehouses, factories, workshops and showrooms. To learn more about warm air heating contact us directly. Our expert team can advise you as to whether this is the best solution for your requirements.

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Radiant Tube Heating

Radiant tube heating is a decentralised heating system, meaning it generates and provides heat in the areas where it is required. Most radiant tube heaters are gas-fired making them a cost effective solution for industrial and commercial applications. This type of heating is widely installed into large internal environments where warm air heating has proven to be ineffective. As this system emits heat via infrared radiation it effectively and efficiently heats the person or object rather than the air. They have a very short heat-up time, meaning you are provided with instant heat. They are also a very quiet system compared to alternatives, which makes them an ideal solution for environments where low noise pollution is a requirement. Further, they help towards providing a dust free environment due to there being no air distribution through usage. Our experts can provide professional consultancy and design before installation goes ahead.

Radient Tube Heating

Heat Pump & Air Conditioning

Heat pump heating and air conditioning is ideal for industrial and commercial heating in Rugby. As this system transfers heat from one location to another, they are a renewable alternative that reduces consumption of fossil fuels. Air source heat pumps are the most popular system that we install. This system draws in ambient air from outside, then sends the air through a heat exchanger or refrigerator which is then transferred into the room through ducts. It is a temperature controlled system that is ideal for internal spaces during summer and winter.

Due to its versatility, we regularly install into offices and working environments where a comfortable temperature is paramount. It is suitable for commercial and industrial heating in Rugby and is also a good option for homeowners looking to install a renewable heating alternative.

Heat Pump and Air Conditioning

Precision Air Conditioning Heating Systems

We are specialists when it comes to designing and installing effective and efficient precision air conditioning and heating systems. These systems are essential for industrial or commercial heating in Rugby where the premise has computer rooms, telecommunication centres, operating theatres, laboratories, clean rooms and more. Precision air conditioning and heating needs to be reliable, and operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To ensure your system operates without any issues, we design each system specifically for your internal environment. For peace of mind, we also offer emergency response for critical applications. Our strong relationship with our suppliers means that we are able to get spare parts for repairs quickly – in some cases we can get the required parts within less than 24 hours. For more information about our precision air conditioning and heating systems, contact us directly today.

HVAC – Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning

HVAC is a fully functioning system that is trusted by many businesses. Due to its ability to perform more than one operation (heating, cooling and ventilation), it offers versatility and provides users with complete comfort all year round. Typical HVAC systems consists of: time and temperature Controls, a minimum of one fan to move the air, a provision for introducing outdoor air, a filter medium to clean the air, coils for heating and cooling the air, dampers for regulating the flow of air and a distribution centre. Our design teams fully inspect your requirements to ensure that the HVAC system that we will install for you is suitable for your premises. We consider all aspects before the install is complete to ensure that the system will provide you with year round comfort. If you’re interested in an HVAC system, contact us today. It is a suitable option for industrial and commercial heating in Rugby that also offers cooling and ventilation.

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Warm Air Heaters

Warm air heating is an ideal solution for commercial and industrial heating in Rugby. This system offers complete climate control and is the perfect winter air conditioning that will provide comfort in large open spaces. These systems are often used in large premises where doors and windows are mostly kept closed. This is due to the system distributing warm air into the large open space to increase the areas air temperature. This type of system can be installed from roof beams, or a self-contained floor model can be installed. These systems work efficiently and offer cost savings compared to other systems. We provide a full design plan to ensure that you are provided with a system that will have a positive impact on the comfort of your internal space. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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What Our Fantastic Customers Say

  • ff b Avatar
    ff b

    Chillaire limited supplied and installed air conditioning for us last Friday and did an excellent job! We would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody else. The staff was efficient and friendly which was also a plus!!

    Richard Causon Avatar
    Richard Causon
    Causon Business Finance

    Chillaire Limited carried out a quick site survey, then designed, supplied and installed a Daikin inverter type air conditioning system into our business admin office in Hinckley. They were polite, quick and the equipment has been reliable and cost-effective. I don’t know what we would do without the heating in the winter and cooling in the summer, which keeps our... read more

    Neil Pratt-Thompson Avatar
    Neil Pratt-Thompson

    From design to quote to installation the service has been faultless. The whole team were great communicators and the installation went without delay or issue. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Chillaire.

  • Daniel Greenough Avatar
    Daniel Greenough

    Installed air conditioning for heating and cooling into our new office and an existing office. Good service from start finish. I would recommend.

    Mr Shokar Avatar
    Mr Shokar
    Romford Mazda

    “Chillaire Limited supplied and installed Daikin Heat Pump Air Conditioning systems to our main car showroom. They carried out the initial survey and designed a suitable system to provide ideal cooling and heating to our showroom. The installation was carried out very professionally and the site was left neat and tidy. The Daikin systems were commissioned and left fully operational.... read more

    Chris Lomas Avatar
    Chris Lomas

    GLS Design started trading in 1987 and have over the years provided their design and build services to some of the most famous brands on the planet such as Aston Martin, JCB, Mitutoyo, Oracle, Rolls Royce etc. GLS Design specialise in the design and build of exhibition stands, providing their services for their customers anywhere around the world. Chillaire have... read more

  • Dave Webb Avatar
    Dave Webb

    Excellent service, used them twice now. Relocated an outdoor unit and also installed a split system with multiple indoor units. Very polite installers, very little disruption and they cleaned up after themselves. The back office staff are very good too, tech support/design team and accounts - all very helpful and friendly. Very few specialists want to touch private AC/heat pump... read more

    Msx International Avatar
    Msx International

    We had a new AC unit installed outside and 4 new units inside fitted, it was a 10 day job, Chillaire are very professional, tidy and wouldn't hesitate to use them again for any other required work.

    Denys C Shortt OBE Avatar
    Denys C Shortt OBE
    DCS Group (UK) Ltd

    DCS Group (UK) Ltd are Europe's largest distributors of Health and Beauty products with sales of £212 million and 350 employees. DCS are the initials of founder & entrepreneur Denys C Shortt who started the business in 1994. They are the UK's distributor for Gillette, Colgate, P&G, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, SC Johnson, L'Oreal, & PZ Cussons. They supply over... read more

  • Daljit Nahil Avatar
    Daljit Nahil

    Chillaire Limited have been supplying, installing and servicing various types of air conditioning systems for our Subway restaurants in the Coventry & Midlands region since 1998. We have always found their services to be excellent and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.

    Orders Pod Avatar
    Orders Pod

    Excellent service. Needed complete new air conditioning system as old one had given up the ghost. Chillaire were very professional and after surveying the office and asking us about usage, talked us through several options that were available to us.

    A few days later we received a very in depth quotation explaining all aspects of what they would be doing and... read more

    Amarjit Shokar Avatar
    Amarjit Shokar

    Chillaire installed the system in 2017 and were involved in designing, supplying and installing the Air Conditioning System. They have looked after the air-conditioning requirements at the site and have always been sensitive to fact that their work is carried out in a working environment that is used by our customers.

    Chillaire understand the values and aspirations of the business perfectly.... read more

  • Graeme Pirie Avatar
    Graeme Pirie

    “Over the last few years I’ve used Chillaire many times both at our offices and in my home. They have always been keen to do a good job at times to suit us & I have recommended them a number of times. Gary will happily come out and design and quote for any job.”

    russell inglis Avatar
    russell inglis

    Big thank you Jas from all of the team at BTPC Printers in Coventry, we now have some very cool people due to our multiple Air Con units.

    Service from first survey to installation was perfect and any questions were answered swiftly.

    Thanks Again.

    Kenneth Smith Avatar
    Kenneth Smith

    chillaire fitted a air con system into my house back in 2015. i would recommend chillaire for installation and the aftercare service which we all know is extremely important. all questions fully answers, which is very helpful.

  • Navdeep Gidda Avatar
    Navdeep Gidda

    The Nadee Banquet venue hall which was air conditioned by Chillaire Limited recently is situated behind the existing Nadee Indian Cuisine Restaurant which serves the finest indian food with outside canal side seating and countryside views. The venue is easily accessible from the A50 and A38 both which run past the venue. The new venue is ideal for weddings and... read more

    Craig Conlon Avatar
    Craig Conlon

    Recently had Chillaire ltd come to my property to fit a 3 wall mounts multi system. Lovely friendly Engineers fitted my system, So pleased with them gave me a number of different options when quoting. Highly recommend

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