Chillaire Limited & GEA Denco for Chillers & Close Control Systems.

Traditionally Chillaire have been favouring the like of Airedale & Trane for Close Systems and Chillers, the main reason being Price, Quality was never really an issue. Recently Chillaire have put forward proposal for an indoor ducted air cooled Chiller unit by a past sales representative who has now moved to GEA Denco. GEA Happel air-cooled chillers for indoor installation

Chillaire have found GEA Denco to be very competitive for these products and have been putting forward these chillers to some their customers. One of the main features was the low noise levels dB(A)

Chillaire Installation Project with a GEA Denco Chiller with Duct Connection

The site of installation can move indoors, but the characteristics remain the same, since air-cooled GEA Happel chillers are also highly effective for indoor operation.

Fully hermetic scroll compressors provide the key components of these models. Depending on the system series selected, high-quality plate heat exchangers as evaporators, and finned tube heat exchangers as condensers, with the series with duct connection, round the systems off to provide an overall cost-effective solution.

The optimal model can be provided for each and any requirements: with the series GEA GSDC, GDC, and GLDC with duct connection, and with radial fans (in the performance range of 4.9-312 kW), and as split model with external condenser in the series GEA GRC and GLRC (in the performance range of 12-162 kW).

Optimized equipment configuration reduces operational costs

Energy-efficient HVAC climate control of computer centres, with GEA Ultra-Denco close control systems

The new GEA Ultra-Denco Close Control HVAC systems by GEA Air Treatment ensure exact temperatures and humidity in climate control. They were especially designed for employment in computer centres. This equipment range includes three sizes with a maximum cooling duty of 50 to 150 kW. New configuration and optimization of components – heat exchangers, filters, valves, and especially fans – have enabled GEA experts to minimize air- and water-side pressure drops and consequently to reduce power consumption by more than 50 %. Further savings potential is offered by the combination of systems with chillers that offer free-cooling functions:  for example, GEA GLFC.

The Close Control HVAC units in the GEA Ultra-Denco Range are available, as standard, with 6-row high-capacity cooling banks and with modulating 3-point servovalves in 2- or 3-way versions – and with EC free-running (plug) fans. As a result of their efficiency of more than 90 %, EC fans – especially in partial-load mode as, for example, with standby redundant features – enable reduction of power consumption by up to 45 % in comparison to systems with AC fans in full-load mode. Location of the fans in a raised floor radically reduces flow reversal losses and thereby reduces power consumption of the overall unit by more than 50 %.

Enlarged filter surfaces – with the resulting reduction in pressure drop – lead to longer maintenance intervals. The large heavy-duty heat exchanger with 6-tube rows is designed for greater output:  or for operation with more energy-efficient media temperature while enabling the same output. By optimization of the components through which water flows – such as heat exchangers, valves, and piping – GEA Denco has succeeded in extremely reducing water-side pressure drop.

Since the fans in this configuration pull in air only through the unit itself, the enclosure is not under pressure and is characterized by great air tightness. This prevents leaks. Service staff have simple access from the front to maintain the system.

The APC system provides constant pressure in the raised floor, up to the performance limit of the installed equipment.

Monitoring the pressure – and maintaining perfect climate control
When used in high-capacity server environments, a control-system combination with an automatic pressure-controlled system (APC) provides exact monitoring and optimization of the pressure prevailing in the raised floor. This configuration always supplies the correct amount of air that is momentarily required. Pressure-dependent control allows further reduction of power consumption by the fans. These solutions also minimize the risk of so-called hot spots:  i.e., areas in which high temperatures can develop in small areas. This GEA system operates particularly effectively in combination with cold- and hot-aisle containment.

Free cooling opens up further potentials for saving
With cooling requirements over the entire year, one highly recommended solution is the combination of GEA Ultra-Denco Close Control HVAC units and chillers with free-cooling functions. As soon as these free-cooling systems can provide the water (or water-glycol mixture) 1 K below the required return-flow temperature, mixed operation is possible. At low air temperatures, it is often possible to switch off the compressor entirely:  for example, during winter operation. This reduces compressor operation time and lowers power costs.

In Addition:

GEA Denco supply various other forms of air conditioning systems, such as DX cooling with Gas Fired Heating, Heat Pump Technology, Heat Recovery Systems, Heat Pump, Water Cooled Chillers, Air Cooled Chillers Indoor & Outdoor Types.

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