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Airedale InRak high density IT cooling solution – EER up to 90.3 – 66% energy saving per annum with EC fan compared with a conventional CRAC unit

Airedale International has launched the InRak high performance, in-row cooling solution. Configured as DX (R410A) or chilled water, the InRak is designed to sit between industry standard server racks where it precisely cools and conditions air in close proximity to the servers.

Horizontal air flow

Innovative air flow management within the InRak transmits cooled air horizontally to the front of the server racks, taking the shortest, direct route to distributing cool air to where it is needed. Air is dispersed evenly along the aisle and any mixing of cold and rejected hot air is minimised, reducing the need for very low supply air temperatures particularly when the InRak in-row cooler is integrated with aisle containment.

High efficiency and resilience – industry leading cooling for footprint

InRak delivers complete confidence, with in-built resilience and excellent efficiencies, lifting the InRak’s EER to 90.3 during part load operation.

Providing industry-leading cooling for its footprint, the InRak offers the ultimate in scalable solutions for the modern data centre. It includes a top connection for rooms without a floor void and delivers even greater efficiency when combined with Airedale’s latest technology free-cooling chillers, offering over 95% free-cooling. In reducing the need for very low supply air temperatures, the InRak raises the free-cooling threshold.

EC centrifugal fans – up to 70% more efficient than AC fan at part load

The InRak is engineered with very low air flow resistance and can accommodate the latest EC centrifugal fans which offer up to 70% more efficiency at part load than AC fans, enabling the InRak to offer an EER of 90.3 (n+1). InRak provides a 66% energy saving per annum with EC fans when compared with a conventional computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit.

EC inverter driven compressors – for variable capacity control

InRak features two scroll compressors in one circuit, comprising a fixed speed compressor working with an EC latest technology 20 – 120rps inverter compressor. The EC inverter driven scroll compressor operates more quietly and allows fully modulated cooling performance from 17 – 100%, saving substantial amounts of energy when operating at part load. Variable speed control enables the InRak to react to system load fluctuations to exactly match the cooling demand.

n+1 fan configuration for increased efficiency and uptime

Optional n+1 fan configuration enhanced by smart control logic and

EC fan technology, gives the InRak built-in redundancy and excellent part load efficiencies, increasing the InRak’s EER from 58.0 to 90.3 during part load operation.

To increase uptime, InRak’s optional n+1 configuration is designed so four fans run at 75% capacity during normal operation. In the unlikely event of a failure, the remaining three fans speed up to 100% to provide the same level of cooling. They then modulate back when a fourth fan is in operation again.

Energy saving benefits

         EER up to 90.3 in (n + 1) chilled water

         66% energy saving p.a. with EC fan – compared with a conventional CRAC unit

         A-frame heat exchanger provides 30% increase on a slab coil

         Integration with a free-cooling chiller (option)

         Designed and optimized for R410A

         EC inverter compressor for precise control and high part load efficiency

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