Daikin Heat Pump Air Conditioning for Gym in Cannock

At Chillaire we often recommend Daikin heat pump air conditioning units. Daikin is a leading manufacturer of high quality, reliable heat pumps and air conditioning products.

Using the latest technology, they offer excellent environmental temperature control and efficiency. Through research and development, Daikin air conditioning systems have been developed for a wide range of applications.

A Daikin heat pump air conditioning solution for the Nuffield Health gym in Cannock

That’s why we designed and installed a Daikin air conditioning solution for the Nuffield Health gym at Cannock in Staffordshire; one of the many Nuffield Health Centres we work with across the UK.

The Daikin VAM 2000 heat recovery ventilation unit provides an energy-efficient fresh air system using a heat recovery and exchanger chamber which can recover around 75% of the room heat.

The ceiling cassette 4-way fan coil unit and 360° round flow cassette fan coil unit met the demanding criteria to deliver a comfortable environment for the new spin exercise room.


Daikin indoor heat pump air conditioning unit FCAG71A

Indoor model reference FCAG71A

Daikin outdoor heat pump air conditioning units RZASG71MV1

Outdoor model reference RZASG71MV1

Why air conditioning is important in gyms

When developing or refurbishing your gym, air conditioning and temperature control need to be an important part of your plans.

Cooler temperatures help your clients optimise their training with less fatigue. Intensive workouts in spinning classes, for example, can lead to dehydration and heat exhaustion if the environment becomes too hot.

If the temperature is too high during an exercise session efficiency decreases as your body attempts to cool itself. By maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature that can be properly controlled in relevant zones, you can enhance the exercise environment and help your members to improve their results.

Air conditioning can also help to regulate humidity by condensing hot, moist air and removing it from the building.

You even have the option of running your air conditioning in ‘dry mode’ to reduce humidity, without overcooling the environment.

Many air conditioning systems include air filtration that can remove dust particles, pollen, and bacteria to create a fresher, healthier environment.

Choosing the right air conditioning solution

The key is to choose a solution that is the right size for the space and the workload it must deliver.

A cost-effective way to add air conditioning is to install an energy-efficient heat pump, especially in older, unrenovated buildings. This will transfer thermal energy from warm areas to cool ones in the winter and can be reversed in summer.

Systems that provide both air conditioning and heating and can be more efficient than older electric heaters or boilers, so you can save money as well as improving the environment for your members.

More information

We will be happy to give you more details about the heat pump inverter driven cassette split-type systems with the latest R32 refrigerant we installed at the Nuffield Health gym in Cannock.

In addition to specialist air conditioning solutions for gyms, we also have solutions for data centres or computer rooms.

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