CMM Rooms, Clean Rooms & Laboratory Close Control Applications

Chillaire Limited continue to provide specialist close control systems for their clients, carrying out initial consultations to assess the requirement and then designing the right type of system.

Chillaire have designed and installed close control systems for Rolls Royce CMM rooms, which even today are still achieving conditions within very tight tolerances, on some sites to within plus or minus 0.3 Degrees Celsius temperature control and plus or minus 5% relative humidity (RH %) control.

Chillaire have been and continue to use the Eaton Williams brand of Colman Moducel air handling units, complete with chilled water coils and thyristor controlled electric heater banks. The chilled water is provided by installing Airedale chiller units, which provide the chilled water at variable stage capacity.

The installation of the Eaton Williams Colman Moducel air handling units, have been varying, from  sitting internally on top of the CMM rooms to being located externally, in which case they have been specially modified at the factory and weatherproofed.

Chillaire have been installing dedicated control panels with Trend controls switchgear and a specially designed software package to control the whole system.

All work is installed to a BS standard, pipe work, electrical and duct work. All duct work is insulated with rockwool aluminium foil duct wrap held together with aluminium mesh. All chilled water ,steel pipe work is insulated with Koolspan aluminium rockwool insulation and a rubber layer is glued on around the pipe work to provide a final finish and protection.

Trace heating and pressurisation units are installed to stop the system freezing and developing air pockets.

All external ductwork & chilled water pipe work is finished off with Aluminium Stutco finish, pop riveted together.

Chillaire at the end of each installation carry out a temperature and relative humidity (RH %) mapping survey to ensure that the plant is performing as it should be over a 48 hour period and the results are then presented to the end client.

Chillaire have now been invited to get now be involved with these type of projects outside the UK,  due to international  customers having visited some of the sites in the UK to view these completed projects and being impressed with the design, installation and final results. Some of these projects may take place in Norway, Romania and France.

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