Air Conditioning Installation at a Coventry Bakery

Installation of a Fujitsu Wall Heat Pump Air Conditioner System at a Coventry Bakery Shop

Air conditioning unit on wall
Air conditioning on brick building roof
Stoke Bakery shop front

The client had temperature problems within the shop area and reported complaints of cold in Winter and excessive heat in the Summer. We opted for a Fujitsu heat pump system with wall mounted indoor fan coil unit at the rear of the shop and piped to the roof and connected to the Fujitsu Heat Pump Air Conditioning condenser unit, located on anti-vibration blocks. The system is operated buy an infra-red hand held controller providing temperature adjustment, fan speed control and mode choice.

About Stoke Bakeries:

“We are a small family business, 3rd generation. Everything we make at our bakery is hand made using locally sourced ingredients when possible. We produce a large range of goods at our bakery in Bulls Head Lane in Stoke, Coventry. As well as our own two shops we also supply other bakeries and cake shops in the area. You will often see our cakes displayed around the

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