Carrier “AquaSnap” Heat Pumps & “Greenspeed” Intelligence

Carrier Air Conditioning has introduced the new generation of AquaSnap® air-to-water scroll heat pumps with Greenspeed® intelligence, offering new levels of efficiency and performance for building owners. Carrier a world leader in high-technology heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) solutions is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems.

The new generation of 30RQP AquaSnap heat pumps combines both simplicity and intelligence. The product features the latest technologies including variable-speed driven fans, brazed plate heat exchangers with asymmetric channels, electronic expansion valves and a coloured touch screen user display.

This new range includes an innovative defrosting method, which may be used without consuming any additional energy. Therefore, it can significantly improve the seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) of the heat pump by up to 12 percent compared with earlier AquaSnap models. This defrosting method generates shorter payback, higher efficiency and reliability and improved comfort, reducing noise and vibration emission level as well as environmental impact.

The built-in hydraulic modules with optional variable-speed driven pumps can electronically control the variable water flow to meet real application needs during partial load operation and stand-by periods, thus significantly reducing the pumping energy consumption by two-thirds. The modules also feature electronic sensors for automatic pump protection against cavitation and for water flow electronic reading and setting.

The energy efficiency performance of the AquaSnap heat pumps with Greenspeed intelligence already meets the 2017 European Ecodesign regulation with a SCOP value in heating of up to 3.38. The new range also offers segment leading performance with European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) values in cooling of up to 4.28.

In addition, the new AquaSnap range utilises proven technology that Carrier and service engineers are familiar with and trained on to carry out routine service & maintenance.

“Carrier provides a unique value proposition for customers, with unprecedented levels of performance and efficiency in its AquaSnap line of heat pumps.

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