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Residential Solutions

We offer residential air conditioning systems for your home and have supplied and installed various types of systems for the bedroom, lounge and conservatory, ranging from wall mounted or floor mounted systems to loft ducted units, with ducting to ceiling vents in the bedroom ceilings.

Residential Heat pumps

For the larger homes where multiple rooms are required to be cooled and heated, we offer a range of small high efficiency inverter driven multi split heat pump systems, these consist of multiple indoor fan coil units linked to one common outdoor unit. The advantage of the multi split system is space saving, only space for a single outdoor unit is required, leaving you valuable garden space and in some cases, where planning application is required, there will be less complications, when applying for permission for a single outdoor unit.

Residential Diagram

We can also supply portable air conditioning units for purchase.

Residential Portable Air Conditioning

Domestic Kitchen Heat Recovery Ventilation

These are designed to fit through a hole in the wall and run off a normal 13 amp fused spur, they provide ventilation with heat recovery of approximately 80% and help reduce condensation.

Kitchen Heat Recovery

Unico Air Conditioners - Package Units

The Unico Inverter – Air Conditioner with No Outside Box

The Unico Inverters offer effective fixed air conditioning solution, but without complex installation issues and unsightly exterior condensers. In some cases it is not always possible to put locate an external heat exchanger box (Condensor Unit) outside. The Unico single package unit is ideal in these cases.

The Installation

The units can be installed very easily they are mounted on the wall by simply drilling two holes from the interior. There is no need to gain access to the outside of the building and this is particularly important where the units are being installed, for example, in high storey buildings such as high rise offices or apartment blocks. The installation can take no more than 3 hours, subject to access etc. All of the parts required for the installation are all provided, by Unico and come with each systems. The only power source needed is a standard 13 amp electrical supply

Kitchen Heat Recovery

Kitchen Heat Recovery

Kitchen Heat Recovery