Replace R22 Refrigerant Systems with new Energy Efficient Systems

*Phase out of R22 in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems, deadline of January 2015 is fast approaching*

Since 1st January 2010 no more virgin refrigerant R22 could be used in existing refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems. From January 2015 no more recycled refrigerant R22 can be used in existing refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems.

If you have any R22 refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump systems, then the phase out dates should be a cause for concern. Your system will only require any additional R22 refrigerant, should a leak or major repair be required and you will then at that point, be effected by the R22 ban legislation from January 2015

Existing refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump systems using R22 refrigerant gas cannot continue to be serviced with R22 and will need to be converted to run on an alternative environmentally friendly approved refrigerant gas, such as R417a. We are providing fixed quotes to carry out this work for some of our existing customers and any new customers.

We are in some cases advising customers who have very old equipment to consider replacing the equipment, rather than converting the systems. The cost of converting the old air conditioning or heat pump equipment, coupled with the potential for key components to fail, after the changes have been made, makes more sense to put that money towards new equipment that will last with regular servicing 20 to 30 years.

The new equipment would benefit from 12 month standard warranty, and subject to a service contract being in place with Chillaire with a minimum of 2 x service visits per annum, we can offer extended warranty packages. This removes any worries or concerns for customers about having to pay for expensive repair bills on old air conditioning or heat pump equipment.

The only other checks required, would be the regular leak test inspections, as per the F Gas regulations, again with old equipment, the potential for gas leaks to occur are far higher than with new equipment.

The new refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump equipment would be high energy efficient systems, so cheaper to run and they will comply with the new energy assessment requirements set by the government. The new systems will have the latest technology. Systems such as Hitachi, Mitsubishi & Daikin have double AA rated and benefit from the new SEER / SCOP ratings.

The Daikin round flow cassette provides 360º round air flow distribution, this helps reduce complaints of draughts and air blowing in certain fixed directions.

The Hitachi RAM multi and IVX multi systems offer the option for cooling or heating to various offices off a single outdoor unit, the initial cost of the equipment and installation are very low, compared to other leading brands and future running costs would be minimal.

The Mitsubishi HI range has ceiling cassette depths, which are much lower than some of their competitors, this allows the cassettes to be inserted into smaller ceiling voids. Mitsubishi HI are one of the few manufacturers who offer purpose made collars, that can be inserted around the cassette to fill any gap that may be left between the cassette ceiling grille fascia and ceiling.

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