Overhead suspended radiant tube heaters work in the same way as the sun, radiant heat warms all solid objects and surfaces in its path through infrared waves. Being mounted overhead, radiant heaters produce infrared heat that is directed downwards to low level by a reflector.

Infrared energy passes inertly through the air, dissipating as heat upon contact with people and surfaces thus creating a comfortable, all-round radiant warmth at lower air temperature. This is ideal for spot or localised heating.

Radiant heat takes only minutes to reach comfort temperatures, so energy is never wasted in prolonged warm-up times. If external doors are opened, allowing cold air to enter the building, radiant heating will recover comfort temperatures in just a few minutes.

Radiant Heating Benefits

Reduced running costs. Savings of up to 65% of fuel costs can be achieved

  • Even heat coverage at low level
  • Does not directly heat the air – ideal in areas of high air infiltration
  • Minimises roof heat losses – reduced stratification
  • Systems can be controlled easily to provide varying zoned temperatures and operating times
  • Rapid heat up and recovery times
  • Easy to install and operate

Individual Radiant heaters are ideally suited to the smaller installation. Efficient and unobtrusive with control options ranging from simple ON/OFF control to fully automatic optimised time and temperature control.

Gas, Oil or LPG catered for with units applicable to the Governments tax incentive ECA scheme.

Small & Large Warehouse Heating Options

Zonal RADIANT HEATING and ULTRA HIGH EFFICIENCY continuous radiant systems provide excellent flexibility in environmental conditions whilst being the most frugal large area heating medium available.

Suspended, floor standing, free blowing or ducted WARM AIR SYSTEMS offer excellent warehouse heating options.

Complimentary RECIRCULATION FANS prevent unwanted loss at high level and can reduce running costs by 20%+

Gas, Oil or LPG catered for with units applicable to the Governments tax incentive ECA scheme.

The latest thinking in large volume space heating, the ROTATIONAL method of WARM AIR heating ensures excellent EFFICIENCY whilst being a very cost effective way to heat huge spaces with minimal intrusion. Coupled with ULTRA HIGH VOLUME recirculation fans, environmental conditions can be maintained for fractional fuel consumption.

Ambirad Radiant Tube Heaters

Renowned for its pioneering track record, AmbiRad is a leading supplier of radiant tube heating systems. The range of high efficiency Vision radiant tube heaters delivers exceptional performance in terms of efficiency and the potential to reduce energy costs.

The foundation of this development is a high efficiency advanced burner Model Range

There are four vision ranges:

The standard VS range, which is available in U tube, single linear and double linear models, can be mounted in linear or U tube herringbone configurations

The higher efficiency VSX range, with recuperative heat exchanger, which is

available as a ‘U’ tube model

The Higher efficiency VSO Optima complete with styling kit is available in ‘U’ tube and herringbone configurations

The high efficiency VSXO Optima range, with recuperative heat exchanger and styling kit is available as a ‘U’ tube model

Chillaire can supply and install all major brands of Radiant Heaters manufactured by Reznor, Powrmatic, Roberts Gordon Ambirad, Bensons & Combat.

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