Panasonic’s new FS MULTI range combines performance and design

Elegant design arrives to Multi Systems

A VRF range designed for air conditioning and heating commercial premises and homes which introduces Panasonic’s elegant Etherea units to the world of professionals.

Strong points:
• Up to 8 indoor units
• Capacities: from 11.2 kW to 15.5 kW
• Up to 30 m difference in elevation between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit

A broad choice of indoor units, perfectly adapted to the buildings’ architecture

With their refined lines, slightly curved and smooth front panels and elegant, narrow ventless fronts, the luxurious designs of Etherea’s indoor units are now available for commercial premises: Etherea’s silver or white indoor unit is available with Panasonic’s new FS MULTI range.

FS MULTI makes it possible to connect up to 6 different models of indoor units: Etherea silver or white wall types, cassettes (60×60 or 90×90) and low hideaway and high pressure ducted units.

All the indoor units can be connected to the wired remote control, with a weekly timer which enables optimal control of temperature and energy efficiency in the building. The wall type indoor units and the cassettes can also be controlled using an infrared remote control.

Moreover, the whole of the installation can be connected to a central home automation system – such as Panasonic’s Urban Controller – for centralised management of all the indoor units.

A new outdoor unit
The outdoor unit comes in three models of 4, 5 and 6 HP respectively. Up to 8 indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit, with total connection capacities ranging from 5.6 kW to 20.1 kW and a difference in elevation of up to 30 m between the outdoor and indoor units. A maximum of 90 m of pipes makes it possible to meet the most demanding requirements of buildings – whether they are being renovated or are new.

It’s so convenient!

Inverter Technology
The FS MULTI range benefits from Inverter technology with R410 gas, combining savings, comfort and low consumption.

Energy efficiency
The whole range has been labelled “Class A” in heat mode. The FS MULTI range is characterised by its excellent energy efficiency, which is one of the best on the market.

Easy installation
Like all Panasonic’s air conditioning and heating systems, the FS MULTI solution has been designed to make installation very easy thanks to VRF technology.
The indoor units have been specially designed to make installation easier and quicker. For example, in the wall type units, the housing for the pipes has been enlarged. Moreover, the ducted units are fitted with double side tubing for drainage, which makes fitting easier. Due to its reduced dimensions and weight, the outdoor unit can be transported to the building’s roof using a lift.

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