Daikin UK unveils first commercial R32 range in the UK

New Bluevolution range claims highest seasonal energy efficiency, together with half GWP of predecessessor

Daikin UK has launched its new air conditioning range, named Bluevolution, using R32 refrigerant. Encompassing Daikin Split and Sky Air systems, the R32 Bluevolution range offers a future proof, affordable, air conditioning solution, the firm says, along with being quick and easy to install with reduced leak check requirements.

Following the initial launch of the Bluevolution range in Europe, for traditional split units, the Bluevolution range has now expanded to include the Daikin Emura and Sky Air products. The R32 range now also includes the Seasonal Smart High COP Roundflow Cassette and new iTab Controller.

The new range provides the highest Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) ratings, offering improved energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Daikin UK launched the first commercial R32 range within the UK market. As the F-Gas phase-out continues, it is important installers and customers make the move to lower GWP refrigerant-based systems. There is very little difference to the R410A installation process, installation with R32 gas is simple and straightforward, and provides only benefits for the end user.

Offering the ultimate in energy efficiency and control, the new Bluevolution range delivers a future proof investment throughout the F-gas phase out. Alongside the efficient R32 refrigerant, additional new system features, such as a power saving mode, ensure low running costs over the course of the systems’ lifetime.”

Daikin have said R32 in VRVs and VRFs still ‘years away’ and that they will not rush into mildly flammable refrigerant in complex AC systems and have moved to quell speculation that it will imminently offer R32 in its VRV systems range.

Daikin UK confirmed that products using the mildly flammable refrigerant would be limited to split systems initially. The more complex systems would not be converted to R32 until the installer community was comfortable with the new refrigerant.

Daikin’s D1 partners, a poll of the installers showed 77 per cent were happy to start using mildly flammable refrigerants, subject to some form of training that may be required.

The first R32 installation in the UK was undertaken in Malvern last year and Daikin launched its R32 Emura range of splits at the beginning of 2016.

An EN378 is expected to be published in October this year, containing new maximum charge size calculations for all forms of refrigerant, taking into account both toxicity and flammability. Daikin’s approach would be to simplify the EN378 charge calculating process by making the calculations app-based, and that apps for this purpose are currently under development.

Earlier this month Toshiba announced it would be launching an R32 range of residential wall-mounted split units at the end of May. The Mirai range will be available in capacities from 1.5 to 4.5 kW.

Wholesaler Climate Center is now stocking R32 in all of its 45 branches nationwide. From 2025 any gas with a GWP higher than 750 will be banned in new split air conditioning systems.R32 is a single component, zero ODP gas with a GWP of 675, significantly less than R410A, which has a GWP of 2088.

Climate Center notes the use of R32 will lead to a reduction of refrigerant charge of up to 30%. This means that heat exchangers and components can be made smaller resulting in more compact systems.

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