Mitsubishi HI (MHI) Air Conditioning manufacturing launch Nine Models Specially Designed for the European Market by Italian design company.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has developed two new series of wall-mounted room air-conditioners for the European market, with production and marketing to commence in October 2016. The new series, the top-of-the-line ZSX Series and the premium ZS Series, comprise of 9 models in total. In addition to their sophisticated air conditioning functions and energy saving performance, both series feature a unique design to blend in beautifully with any interior decor.

The design was created by the Italian industrial design studio Tensa srl, based in Milan, and responds to a broad spectrum of European design demands thanks to its rounded contours and stylish design features. In addition to the nine regular models, two limited-edition colour variations are in preparation. Further, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) normally used to design jet engine blades have been adopted to optimize the layout and air duct shape of both the fan and heat exchanger.

Both new series have been engineered to provide significantly improved comfort and energy savings. The adoption of CFD in the design of the fan blade shape has resulted in operating noise of only 19 decibels (dB)(A)Note 1 in “silent” mode. , The adoption of MHI’s twin rotary compressor for the ZSX Series, combined with enhanced vector control enabling optimal control of the compressor motor, delivers greater efficiency throughout the range. As a result the ZSX models achieve outstanding energy efficiency receiving Europe’s highest energy rating (EU Energy Label of A+++) in both cooling and heating mode. Furthermore, all models come standard-equipped with motion sensors that detect the level of ambient human movement and automatically control the room temperature as well as the air conditioner’s ON/OFF operations.
All models feature a “silent” operating mode for the outdoor unit and weekly timer function for greater environmental compatibility and convenience. Also, by connecting them to any commercially available Wi-Fi adapter, operation via smartphones, etc. is possible.

Going forward, MHI will apply its energy saving technologies cultivated in the heat pump field and Europe’s cutting-edge product design, to provide products responding to local market needs, as a way of contributing to the realization of a low-carbon society.

Chillaire Limited are a leading supplier / installer of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI) air conditioning systems, and have been installing the MHI systems for over 20 years. We have designed and installed most of the MHI range at various customer sites throughout the UK. The customers have found the MHI systems to be of excellent quality and the engineers have commented on the easy installation, easy servicing / repair and superb reliability of the MHI systems. All of our engineers have regular training at the MHI technical training centres located in Birmingham and Slough, they know the systems very well.

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