Mitsubishi Electric has launched its refrigerant free City Multi Hybrid VRF system, which removes the need for leak detection equipment back in 2015 / 2016.

The technology we have been advised operates without using refrigerant in occupied spaces, which Mitsubishi claims allows more properties to take advantage of manageable phased installation through the system’s modular two-pipe design.

At the centre of the new system is the HBC (Hybrid Branch Controller) box, which is connected to an outdoor City Multi unit via traditional refrigerant piping.

Between the HBC and the indoor fan coils, the system uses water piping but is still able to deliver mild air-off temperatures and stable temperatures all-year round, according to Mitsubishi Electric.

With no refrigerant in occupied spaces, the Hybrid VRF also enables simple compliance with BS EN378 and removes the need for leak detection equipment in any occupied room.

Each individual HBC can supply heating and cooling to 16 individual indoor units – using City Multi’s two-pipe system and including options for its range of ducted, cassette and floor-standing model of fan coil units.

Two main HBC’s and two sub units can be connected to the same City Multi outdoor unit to deliver simultaneous heating and cooling to up to 50 individual rooms or areas.

Mitsubishi Electric have commented about there is a lot of legislation impacting on the use of energy in the built environment and at the same time, there is a drive to look for new refrigerants to mitigate any harm to the environment”. This will have a major impact on the industry over the next 15 years but in the meantime, we have to deliver systems that provide customers with a comprehensive choice to help them reduce emissions and running costs whilst meeting current and future legislation.

BS EN378 in particular will restrict the amount of refrigerant that can be used in occupied spaces.

​Mitsubishi Electric were celebrating after its innovative Hybrid VRF (HVRF) solution was named Air Conditioning Product of the Year at the ACR News Awards 2017.

The awards reward excellence and innovation in the air conditioning and refrigeration sector and have been running for over 20 years.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Hybrid VRF system scooped the Air Conditioning Product of the Year award after an independent panel of industry judges recognised its unique ability to reduce running costs and maximise efficiency in a wide range of applications and environments.

The Hybrid VRF solution is capable of simultaneous heating and cooling and because it uses water in a simplified two pipe design, there is no need to install refrigerant leak detection in occupied spaces.

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