Hitachi Highest Seasonal Efficiency and Lowest Refrigerant Charge Variable Flow Refrigernant (VRF) Air Conditioning system on the Market.

Hitachi is the only manufacturer with a 2-pipe heat pump or 3-pipe heat recovery VRF from a single unit, still Hitachi has gone one step further introducing Set Free FSXN1E to its expanding range

FSXN1E is available from 8HP to 54HP and is fully compatible with the full range of System Free indoors – including the new 0.6HP units – allowing a greater number of connectable indoor units than ever before, achieving complete design and installation flexibility.

A new compressor with improved performance at low speed and optimised R410a refrigerant cycle contribute to high seasonal efficiency values. Boasting the lowest refrigerant charge on the market, Hitachi’s FSXN1E also achieves a lower cost of installation and on-going maintenance, as well as being more suitable for air conditioning smaller rooms.

Combined with improved height differences between outdoor/indoor units (<90m) and between indoor units (<30m), unlimited linear or radial-design main piping branches plus a higher number of connectable indoor units (up to 64), Hitachi’s FSXN1E sets a new standard in VRF.

Another new Set Free model, High Efficiency FSXNHE, is available in 5HP to 36HP. It has the highest published ESEER figures of any manufacturer across all models from 8HP to 36HP and currently is the only 5HP and 6HP high performance 3-pipe VRF model on the market. Where even higher efficiency values are required, Hitachi’s special high performance models FSXN1E-P and FSXNHE-P can be specified.

“The new European F-GAS Regulation demands systems with low refrigerant charge; our new Set Free FSXN1E will be in the best position to face the incoming regulations with the lowest global warming impact of any VRF system currently on the market,” said Ricard Ribas, Hitachi European Product Manager.

This is good news for Chillaire who have been designing, selliing, installing and commissioning Hitachi air conditionig products for over 20 years and has a good strong relationship with Hitachi. This new Hitachi VRF system is easy to design / select and install with the same outdoor unit available as a 2 pipe & 3 pipe unit, it reduces the selection process time and reduces confusion on site.

Chillaire Ltd have found the Hitachi aftercare & support to be extremely efficient and very helpful, very little time is lost and usually a couple of phone call helps resolves any issues quickly and the advice is always good.

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