Hitachi Keep On Improving Their Multi Space Systems!!

The NEW Hitachi IVX and IVX+ changes the way we think about both VRF and twin, triple, and quad split configurations (up to 10 systems on the IVX+) and is the perfect choice for installations requiring individual unit control but have no need for the more complex piping configurations available with more expensive VRF systems. It also provides a viable alternative to using multiple split systems, reducing pipework and installation costs, but still providing individual control for each individual indoor unit from 1 x single outdoor unit.

The Hitachi IVX outdoor units are available in cooling capacities ranging from 7.1 kW to 30 kW all with horizontal air discharge, rather than the conventional vertical air discharge. These award winning highly efficient units have a COP of up to 4.41(8HP models).

Also available are the IVX+ systems allowing connection of up to 10 indoor units to one outdoor unit; available in nominal capacities of 20kW, 25kW and 30kW. These outdoor units work with the full range of Hitachi’s System Free indoor models giving complete flexibility in design selection for almost every application.

As with all the Hitachi products they can be used with the full range of controls including the CS-NET Web allowing remote setting and monitoring over the internet.

Benefits Include:

Individual Control

The IVX can control up to four indoor units independently from only one outdoor and the IVX+ can control up to ten indoor units independently.

High COP and EER

COP of 4.41 and EER of 4.10

Low Noise

Levels as low as 42dba (NR35)

Compact Design

The outdoor unit uses a horizontal discharge twin fan design (single fan on 7.1kW unit) allowing for a more efficient use of floor space, with a smaller footprint.

Lower Costs

Reduced installation cost over individual systems and reduced equipment cost over VRF.

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