Chillaire still strong agents for Hitachi Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems

Hitachi IVX & IVX Plus

The Hitachi IVX twin, triple and quadruple multi split systems have been complimented with the IVX plus systems, which now goes one step further by providing individual fan coil operation, allowing the end user to switch fan coil units off or on and have individual fans coils operating at different temperature set points, the system can only provide all cooling or heating at any one time. These systems are a low price alternative to the Hitachi set free VRF systems.

Hitachi offers more with Set Free mini VRF systems

Hitachi Air Conditioning and Refrigeration has extended its range of Set Free mini outdoor units with the introduction of several new models. The new 6HP FSVN2E single phase and the 4, 5 and 6HP FSNY2E 3-phase models are available now, with the 4HP and 5HP FSVN2E single-phase models out since January.

Offering greater efficiency and improved COP the Set Free Mini is a 2-pipe heat pump VRF condensing unit, which connects to all Hitachi’s system-free indoor units. One outdoor unit can be connected to a maximum of nine indoor units. It operates using R410A and is available from 8Kw to 14Kw cooling (nominal).

The advanced DC Inverter scroll compressor of the Set Free Mini has been optimized to provide better seasonal performance compared to typical inverter systems – and up to 20% greater seasonal efficiency compared to non-inverter systems.

As well as offering energy savings, the Set Free Mini provides high levels of comfort. It eliminates cold drafts when utilising Hitachi’s CSNet Web Centralised Controller “Off-coil limitation control feature” and is impressively quiet.

The Set Free Mini delivers on every level – it’s simple to install, easily interfaces with a building’s existing BMS, is reliable and offers an impressive array of benefits.

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