Hitachi Air Conditioning Offers Free Cooling with Split Type Air Conditioners.

As energy costs continue to rise, any opportunity to harness ‘free cooling’ is always worth exploring. While ‘free cooling’ with Chillers, rooftop and air handling units (AHU) has always been achievable, it has not been so easy with split type air conditioning systems. However Hitachi Air Conditioning Systems are in the unique position of being the only manufacturer to have applied the ‘free cooling’ concept to split type air conditioning systems & split type heat pump systems.

Free cooling enables high energy savings in applications where cooling demand is relatively constant all year round, taking for example data centres, retail shops and supermarkets where server equipment, integral refrigerators and high levels of lighting or electronics generate heat throughout the year. The external air is used for free cooling when the outdoor air temperature is lower than the indoor temperature, stopping the compressor and saving energy when operating in cooling mode.

Hitachi’s new Econofresh connects to ducted RPI units from 10kW to 14kW giving improved flexibility of installation. The inverter compressor controls the motor speed while Econofresh’s Economiser Control modulates the damper positions to guarantee an accurate set room temperature. It is also possible to regulate by Enthalpy (total energy) variance using the field supplied sensor to maximise energy efficiency and energy savings.

Other benefits include a selectable damper ‘minimum opening’ for fresh air renewal, Thermo On control to restart the compressor if the free cooling set temperature is not reached within six minutes plus a CO2 sensor, which continuously modulates the damper position to guarantee air quality.

“Case studies using Econofresh have demonstrated up to 50% energy savings delivering an impressive return on investment (ROI) in less than two years,” as reported by Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe SAS.

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