Hitachi Air Conditioning Strenghens European Factory Operation

Hitachi has invested in its factory operation in Spain, giving it increased capability to match European market demands for split type air conditioning systems, VRF air conditioning systems, heat pump systems and chillers.

The company has built a brand new, state-of-the-art calorimeter, to exacting ISO 15042 multi-split system and EN14511 standards.

The new equipment will be used for testing air conditioning units up to 20 HP, including VRF and multi-split systems, with capacities up to 56 kW cooling and 63 kW in heating (Heat Pump).

The calorimeter checks that all Hitachi units fulfil the requirements of European regulations, including EUP Lot 10 and other market demands that involve specific tests.

The new calorimeter has three main rooms – an indoor and outdoor chamber and a control room – and tests air-conditioning units running at full capacity and in multiple operation.

It is able to check a very wide temperature range, from -30 deg C to 46 deg C, accommodating all European climate conditions.

Kenichi Munakata, President of Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe SAS said: “Our factory in Spain is ideally situated to accommodate the needs of Hitachi’s customers and partners in the European market.

“This considerable investment in testing equipment will enable Hitachi to give customers the peace of mind and satisfaction that comes with having easy access to quality products.”

Chillaire Limited continue to design, supply and install Hitachi systems purchased directly from Hitachi Europe, which they have been doing so for the past 15 years, it is one of our main leading brands. Hitachi systems are reliable and excellent value for money. They are energy efficient and have the latest technology and they have a wide range which can cater for most applications.

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