Hitachi Launches ‘Quietest Ceiling Cassette Fan Coil Unit on the Market’

Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe claims it has released the lowest noise level mini cassette on the market

Hitachi’s new RCIM FSN4 mini cassette range is claimed to be the widest on the market, with capacities ranging from 0.6HP to 2.5HP (1.9kW to 8.5kW nominal capacity in VRF system heating mode).

The air panel has a new design combined with a high specification.

The new RCIM mini cassette has been reduced in size and its 620 x 620mm dimension has been reduced by 80mm compared to the previous model so it can be installed into a grid ceiling with a 600 x 600mm opening without needing to cut the grid or interfere with lighting or other ceiling fixtures and fittings.

The new unit features newly structured silky flow louvers with an intelligent closure system which closes louvers when the unit is switched off. This gives a discrete profile and avoids dust accumulating on open louvers.

Thanks to the availability of a new optional motion sensor, the setting temperature and airflow can be adjusted automatically according to the human activity, enabling additional reductions in power consumption.

The new design also provides better air distribution and higher comfort. Each louver of the RCIM cassette can be controlled individually, while the redesigned panel louvers and the shape of air outlets improve the “COANDA” effect so that cold air follows the ceiling line instead of falling directly towards the floor, eliminating draughts.

The improved 3D twisted blade of the turbo-fan and the air outlet also achieves a very low noise performance; the 0.6HP to 1HP units noise pressure level is only 24.5 dB(A), the lowest on the market.

Hitachi speaking about the new RCIM FSN4 cassette, have said “The features have been improved to achieve an outstanding product with a high performance heat exchanger, new high-efficiency turbo-fan and lower power input drain pump with DC motor to achieve greater energy savings.”

Utilising Hitachi’s System Free concept, the new range of RCIM FSN4 indoor units can be combined with all Hitachi Splits and VRF outdoor units allowing complete flexibility for all types of applications with just a single model code.

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