Hitachi Air Conditioning Announces New Hi Efficiency VRF Systems

Hitachi Air Conditioning has announced the launch of its latest product innovation to meet the needs of medium to large sized applications.

The new Hi Efficiency Set Free FSXNH builds on the success of the previous FSXN product and, thanks to a number of unique Hitachi technologies, the new models present a convincing solution for all European climates, with one of the highest energy-efficiency ratios on the market.

The FSXNH range is currently the highest performing (Annual Performance Factor–(APF)) VRF system in Japan, recently receiving the Japanese Energy Efficiency and Conservation Award for 2013.

Like its predecessor, FSXNH offers 2-pipe heat pump and 3- pipe heat recovery options from a single unit and, with models ranging from 5HP to 36HP, this new Set Free product range is incredibly flexible and easy to install; each outdoor unit is light in weight and modular which, combined with long piping lengths of up to a total of 1000m, with improved height difference of 90m between outdoor and indoor levels, or up to 30m height difference between indoor units – FSXNH can meet any design brief or site restrictions.

The options don’t stop there, more than 100 indoor unit and heat exchanger combinations are available with nominal capacities as low as 0.6HP (1.7kW) and up to 150% connection ratio (to outdoor capacity). A wide range of individual and centralised control systems are also available.

Recently launched ErP LOT 11 compliant heat recovery modules, active heat exchangers, direct expansions kits to work with third party AHU & air curtains are just some of the avenues which can be considered with Hitachi’s new Set Free FSXNH VRF system.

Hitachi Air Conditioning Systems announces new highly-afordable, premium-efficiency air conditioning heatpump type systems

Specifying an air conditioning system for small to medium spaces has always presented something of a dilemma to installers and specifiers alike but, with the latest additions to the Utopia range of split systems, there is now an affordable solution.

Hitachi Air Conditioning has launched its new Utopia IVX range to meet the needs of small to medium sized applications where VRF capacities and heat recovery options are either not needed, or would compromise approved budget limitations.

Improved connectivity (up to 8 indoors per outdoor unit, minimising pipework required), zone-by-zone individual control, fully ErP compliant and excellent A++ seasonal efficiency, the new IVX range ticks all the right boxes.

The new entry-level IVX Comfort has capacities from 5kW to 33.5kW, ErP Lot 10 tier 2 compliance (where applicable) and a compact single fan (up to 6HP) or twin fan cabinet design, making it a good choice for budget-conscious installations.

The IVX Premium model features capacities from 7.1kW to 33.5kW and offers even more flexibility – connection ratios of between 50% and 120% in relation to the outdoor capacity, and an Intelligent Defrost System which extends the heating operation period by up to 40% compared to standard defrosting systems.

Both Comfort and Premium models are fully compatible with Hitachi’s highly-efficient System Free indoor units (from 2kW up to 31kW) in multi-connection installations) as well as the KPI-Energy heat recovery system. Kits are also available to facilitate connections to non-Hitachi heat exchangers from 5kW to 28kW of cooling capacity.

“The ErP Directive presents a fantastic opportunity for Hitachi to launch new, technologically-advanced models to the European market and I’m delighted that most of our new product ranges already exceed the 2014 ErP Lot 10 standards,” said David Oldroyd, Vice President and Managing Director of Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe.

The new IVX range is available in single phase (from 5kW to 16kW) and three phase (10kW to 33.5kW) versions from Hitachi Direct Sales or via its national distributor network.

Chillaire have been an installer of Hitachi air conditioning systems for the past 20 years and continues to supply & install their systems with great success. The launch of these new products is great news for us.

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