Fujitsu system extends splits options

Fujitsu has expanded its extensive multi-split portfolio and launched the new Fujitsu 8-Room Multi system.

The new system is suitable for any application, from domestic to small commercial installations.

The 14kW single-fan, outdoor unit is driven by a high efficiency DC controlled motor and can serve between two and eight indoor units.

Its three-row heat exchanger, provide increased capacity in a compact and lightweight design, which makes it easy to position and conceal.

Seven types and 24 models are available, ranging in cooling capacity from 2kW to 7kW. Included are three new designs of wall mounts and a new chassis for the five models of slim duct. The new 198mm deep slim duct can fit into even tighter false ceilings and walls.

All eight indoor units can be controlled from a new central remote controller, both individually and as a group.

Chillaire Limited have been agents for Fujitsu air conditioning systems, split systems, multi type systems and S series VRF systems for the past 20 years, first starting to acts as agents through Williams Environmental back in the 1990’s.

We have watched Fujitsu expand its range in air conditioning and heat pump systems. Fujitsu have always had  a very good range of inverter driven systems, especially in the multi system range, there multi systems seem to fit most applications 8 out of 10 times.

If you are considering purchasing a Fujitsu system or would like further advice on the Fujitsu range call Chillaire Limited on 0800 092 9898 today.

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