Fujitsu Air Conditioning Systems

The increasing popularity of air conditioning has seen manufacturers offer more innovative control and operational features in response to customer expectations. Fujitsu, for example, has added a number of features to its range, features that have been directly influenced by the ‘wish list’ of its customers worldwide. A new seven-day timer which allows the user to pre-programme different time programmes, temperature levels, airflow direction, and fan speeds for each day of the week now provides an exceptional standard of personal control.

The ‘Slender Fit’ development is another; an unrivalled mechanism that permits the air conditioning contractor to install the cassette units into exceptionally narrow ceiling voids, thereby providing the end-user with more choice. The Slender Fit mechanism is available with Fujitsu’s new range of large ceiling cassettes, which are rated at 7.1kW to 15.0 which are available as high efficiency heat pumps.

At 285mmH x 840mmW x 840mmD for the 14.1kW models and 235mmH x 840mmW x 840mmD for the 7.1kW models, their dimensions shave millimetres off rival air conditioners. For very restricted ceiling voids, the Slender Fit mechanism allows the position of the cassette body to be adjusted relative to the grille, reducing the height of the unit by 35mm. This feature reduces the height of the 14.1kW unit to 250mm and the 7.1kW unit to 200mm with the grille still finishing flush to the ceiling.

A further feature of the new large cassettes is the operational noise level that has been reduced by up to 16 per cent, making these units amongst the quietest available. This has been achieved by introducing a newly developed larger ‘Caliberturbo’ moulded fan. The four-way air distribution system has been improved by incorporating larger air flaps to extend the airflow throughout the room.

As with the existing cassette range, these models benefit from multi-directional airflow allowing conditioned air to be distributed from two, three or four aspects of the unit. Other standard features include Auto Air Flow Adjustment that automatically adjusts the airflow to match room conditions and Auto-Changeover on the heat pump models which automatically changes from the cooling to the heating mode, and vice-versa, to maintain setpoint. While from the outside the end-user will notice the new refined grille design that incorporates an attractive matrix of symmetrical ‘punch holes’ that compliment any type of interior.

Meanwhile, the company’s range of multi-split air conditioners has expanded with the introduction of the new range of larger size systems. These new air onditioners can operate in ‘Simultaneous Operation’ mode, simultaneously providing cooled or heated air to all the indoor units connected, or in ‘Individual Operation’, which includes a two-circuit condenser for combined cooling and heating operation. When operating in Simultaneous mode, a single condenser, which has a nominal cooling capacity of 26.4kW, serves all of the indoor units connected for cooling only operation, or there is a heat pump version which allows all of the connected indoor units to heat or cool the space. For combined heating and cooling, the Individual model comes complete with a twin compressor that can be switched to provide heating to selected indoor units while the remainder continue to operate in the cooling mode. The condensers are a compact 1380mm high by 1300mm wide by 650mm deep, provide a choice of five pipe connections for easy installation and use R407C alternative refrigerant.

Simultaneous Operation can accommodate pipe runs up to 100m as standard and operate in cold weather conditions as low as 0oC, while the pipe run for the Individual Operation system is extended to 50m with the ability to operate at temperatures as low as -10oC.

The need for air conditioning in business is clear. More and more offices are suffering from high heat loads generated by the IT and telecommunications equipment which has become standard throughout business. Fujitsu air conditioners can improve working conditions by providing a flow of cool air throughout the space. This a achieved via an on-board microcomputer program that matches airflow with changes in room temperature. The ceiling cassettes also incorporate a valuable ‘Energy Save’ routine. On reaching setpoint Energy Save allows the room temperature to rise by two degrees in the cooling mode (or fall by four degrees when applied to the heat pump version) at a rate of one degree per hour. The result is valuable savings without the occupants experiencing a marked change in room temperature.

Fujitsu is now one of the top four suppliers of air conditioning equipment in the UK and offers a greater choice of units. It has achieved this merited position by listening and responding to its customers’ wishes.

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