F-Gas Regulations

Legislation relating to Air Conditioning Systems

Current legislation relating to air conditioning systems has been summarised below.

Owners/operators of air conditioning systems face serious penalties if they do not comply with the new F-Gas regulations.

Pleading ignorance and claiming to be unaware of your responsibilities will not prevent the government from imposing stiff financial penalties on anyone found to be in breach of these regulations which have been introduced to improve energy efficiency and reduce damage to the environment from leaking global warming and ozone-depleting gases.

It follows that the owner/operator must bear the cost of complying with the legislation.

Refrigerant leakage checks

Owners/operators of air conditioning systems must:

  • Prevent leakage of refrigerant and repair any leaks as soon as possible.
  • Arrange proper refrigerant recovery by certified personnel during servicing and disposal.
  • Carry out leak checks to the schedule shown below.
  • Ensure that only certified competent personnel carry out leakage checks.
  • Maintain records of refrigerant usage and of servicing.

The checking frequency varies depending upon the amount of refrigerant in the system as follows:-

  • At least annually for systems with 3kg or more of refrigerant.
  • At least every 6 months for systems with 30kg or more of refrigerant.
  • At least every 3 months for systems with 300kg or more of refrigerant.
  • Leakage detection equipment must be installed on systems with 300kg or more of refrigerant and when this is in place, checking frequency requirements are halved.
  • When a leak is detected and repaired, a further check must be carried out within one month to ensure that the repair has been effective.

Operators must maintain service records including:

  • Quantity and type of refrigerant gases in the system and refrigerant added or recovered.
  • Identification of the company or technician carrying out the servicing.
  • Dates and results of leakage checks, specifically identifying separate pieces of equipment containing 30kg of refrigerant or more.

It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure that the relevant servicing personnel have obtained the necessary certification which shows they understand the regulations and are competent.

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