Compliance Timetable for Stationary Refrigerating, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment


  • Individual carrying out activities covered by the F Gas Regulation can no longer operate legally unless they have obtained the new F Gas qualification.
  • Companies who employ personnel carrying out these activities must have obtained their full company F Gas certificate and interim certificates are no longer valid.
  • No virgin HCFC can be supplied or used for servicing existing equipment.
  • New definitions of recycled and recovered HCFC refrigerant and restrictions on how they are used come into force under the revised European Ozone Depleting Substances Regulation.

By End of 2011

  • The EU must report on the impact of the implementation of the F Gas Regulations and recommend revisions if necessary.

By 1st January 2015

  • No recycled or recovered HCFC can be supplied or used to service existing equipment.
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