Airedale International Air Conditioning Launch ECHO IT Cooling System

Chillaire Limited were invited by Airedale International to attend a seminar on the new Airedale International Air Conditioning new ECHO IT Cooling System, which has been launched recently. IT Comms & Computer Room Cooling Solutions for the Future

The high efficiency ECHO IT Cooling System is the perfect, future-proof solution to meet the cooling parameters of latest IT hardware, not only in terms of temperature but also airflow and pressure. This ensures the right air temperature, in the correct quantity and at the correct pressure is presented to the server inlet, enabling it to breathe efficiently. By varying the air volume, the ECHO system operates not only with air volumes 50% less than traditional cooling systems but much more efficiently and with elevated water temperatures that allow up to 95%* free-cooling.

Complete, flexible, free-cooling solution

At the hub of the ECHO system is an ACE (Active Cabinet Exhaust) unit which sits on top of the server cabinet, drawing precisely the right amount of hot discharge air from the servers and rejecting it away into the ceiling void, without any impingement into the IT environment. The air is ducted directly to an Airedale ECHO CRAC unit which in turn is linked to one or more Airedale ECHO free cooling chillers via interactive controls logic and intelligent software. This smart, controls logic, matched with all the latest technology direct drive EC fans and chilled water coil technology, is key to the ECHO’s ability to communicate from rack to chiller and gives the ECHO system its intelligence, high efficiency and resilience.

Key IT cooling benefits:

  • Outstanding energy efficiency providing reduced operating costs and carbon impact
  • Variable rack load densities to a maximum of 20kW per rack
  • No chilled water/refrigerant connections at the rack or in the IT space
  • The Airedale ECHO CRAC unit does not overcool as airflow demand is communicated via the ACE and the rack demand
  • Control is led from rack level, rescheduling the Airedale ECHO CRAC and free-cooling chiller to optimise performance
  • The use of thermal inertia in the room in the event of ACE failure means no rapid overheat
  • Higher density cabinets can be designated as the technical space is populated, rather than at day one
  • The entire technical space is at the server inlet temperature, thus avoiding hot spots and providing a buffer of cool air in the event of failure
  • With no hot/cold aisle configuration, the technical space available for IT equipment is increased

OnRak & InRak Options


The OnRak is a compact rear door heat exchanger designed to manage

discharge temperatures from the server into the aisle space. In dealing with

the heat load closer to the source, the OnRak is highly efficient in power

usage and floor space.

Part of the LogiCool range of IT cooling solutions, the OnRak offers an

expandable cooling system that can be supplied with an industry standard

data rack (42 – 47U) or a mating frame to fit a customer-specific rack. The

OnRak’s slim configuration adds only 200mm to the depth of the rack,reducing the cooling space claim yet providing up to 33kW of cooling.

InRak: Highly efficient and resilient

The LogiCool InRak is an efficient in-row IT cooling solution for data

centre applications. The InRak delivers complete confidence, with

redundancy features such as dual cool, hot swappable fans and dual

power supply. It is extremely efficient offering the latest fan technology

coupled with sophisticated controls logic designed to optimise

operation. The InRak delivers even greater efficiency when combined

with Airedale’s latest technology condensing units and free-cooling


Providing industry-leading cooling for its footprint, the InRak offers the

ultimate in scalable solutions for the modern data centre. The InRak is

designed to fit in between industry standard server racks and offers‘plug and play’ connectivity.

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