Text saying everything is connectedAir conditioning systems connected to the IoT (Internet of Things) using Wi-Fi can warn your facilities manager before something goes wrong.

Preventative diagnostics allow IoT-enabled devices, including your air conditioning system, to contact a repair team, building owner or manager.

Damage can even be reduced with automated actions, such as turning off the power to a unit or resetting the system.

 Automatically improve working conditions

Internet-enabled devices with digital thermostats can also detect environmental changes and make automatic adjustments to maintain a comfortable environment.

Connected air conditioning solutions can also provide regular updates about humidity and air quality, so building users and owners can make adjustments to create a more comfortable and healthier environment.

Property management companies are especially interested in IoT controls for commercial HVAC installations. With greater awareness of conditions, building managers can make remote adjustments. It’s also beneficial for educational and health care environments, where air quality is especially important.

There are practical business benefits too. Improved working conditions have been shown to improve productivity by up to 20% and employee retention by 10%.

A flexible future for air conditioning

This flexibility will increase in the future. Air conditioning systems will be able to respond when people arrive and move around a building. People with electronic identity cards could even set personal preferences for their own office or desk space.

Lights, window blinds, door locks, and lifts could all be linked to the same core control system. Not only could it make working conditions much more personal, it could help mangers and space planners understand how people relate to their environment.

Add artificial intelligence (AI) and decisions about maintenance cycles, repairs and replacements could all be automated to streamline processes, manage costs, and improve performance. Guesswork about which parts are needed and when routine checks should take place will become things of the past and repairs and replacements can be prioritised more efficiently.

Predictive analytics could even allow buildings to automatically respond to weather forecasts and pollen counts, for example, to maintain optimum conditions.

In industrial locations engineering teams could quickly test and learn how adjustments to environmental conditions improve processes, production and employee safety.

Sensitive sensors

For building owners, managers, and technicians, Wi-Fi control of temperature and humidity means they no longer have to visit multiple sites to adjust their indoor environments. It also saves money at installation by reducing wiring and labour costs.

Control can even be shared between building managers and users to optimise comfort, IAQ and energy consumption.

Smart meters, benchmarking data and costs can all be analysed to improve energy and cost performance as well as working conditions.

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