Chillaire have been supplying and installing air conditioning systems for domestic and commercial conservatories, we have been using Daikin, Hitachi and Mitsubishi systems, wall and floor mounted to suit the customer.

Heatpump systems can provide heating to a factor of 4 to 1, and in same cases when up to 6 to 1, which means they have a very good COP, so for every 1Kw of electrical power consumed it can provide 4Kw to 6Kw of heat, unlike conventional electrical heaters that can only do 1 to 1, 1Kw of electrical power consumed to provide 1Kw of heat.

These modern systems, Fujitsu, Daikin, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, are all double AA rated, have high EER and are high energy efficient inverter driven systems. It is the best way to cool and heat your conservatory.

Cooling in summer, heating in winter all from the same system, with maximum usage all year round.

COP: Coefficient of Performance               EER: Energy Efficiency Ratio

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