Chillaire Limited have recently completed a large project for the HMCS for their 3 courts situated in Worcester, Kidderminster and Hereford and the air conditioning equipment used was  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries VRF equipment supplied by 3 D Air Sales Ltd who import the extensive range of air conditioning products manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan. They supply these systems to specialist installers all over the UK and Republic of Ireland, who provide a comprehensive installation service to end users/clients.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have been manufacturing air conditioning systems for over 40 years. The range extends from small systems of 2.5KW cooling/heating to large modular systems for commercial buildings. Every day we are designing, supply, installing and commissioning Mitsubishi systems for various applications.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries provide a wide range of air conditioning equipment for a wide range of applications and Chillaire Limited have been making use them on a regular basis.


Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems for Home/Residential Applications, Houses, Apartments, Conservatories, Studies and Bedrooms


Office Buildings: Good reasons for installing air conditioning/heat pump systems in office buildings:

Efficient means of providing heating as well as cooling

Most potential tenants will not be interested in an office building which does not have some form of air conditioning

All plant is located outside, allowing maximum possible lettable area.

Any office with IT equipment and office machinery will require some form of cooling

All office buildings require heating

All new buildings must comply with Part ‘L’ Building Regulations

Staff will become intolerant of hot, stuffy, humid, working environments

Customers/clients attending meetings or presentations will have the same objections

New Buildings & Refurbished Buildings

Office Blocks, Business Parks, and other commercial sites will normally include air conditioning in the specification.

Smaller buildings can be air conditioned using multiples of individual split systems, or Multi-systems.

Mitsubishi manufactures VRF Multi Systems for larger applications (KX and KXR type). These systems consist of multiples of indoor units connected to several outdoor units (maximum ratio is 40 to 1). This allows individual offices and open plan areas to be efficiently air conditioned, for both cooling and heating requirements. Cooling only operation is also available. All connections are by small diameter copper piping, which can be installed in risers and through ceiling voids.

It is also possible to alter the system layout if partitions are required to be moved, but it is important to make allowances for this at the design stage.

There are basically two types of VRF System:

KX – where all connected internal units operate on cooling, or on heating

KXR – where cooling or heating can be provided at any internal unit at any time. The KXR system also incorporates energy saving, whereby unwanted heat is removed from warm areas, and is transferred through the refrigerant medium to cool areas which require heating; for example, rooms on the north and south side of a building

Existing Occupied Buildings

Occupied buildings can sometimes present additional problems, for example, if there are no risers, or ceiling voids; but with careful planning these problems can be overcome. There may also be difficulties with landlords approval, or with inadequate power supplies.

It is often necessary to carry out some or all of the installation work ‘out of hours’. This can usually be accommodated, but will have cost implications. Specialist installers will negotiate with the client to establish a workable programme, to suit the client’s requirements.

Shops/Retails Stores

Most modern shops have air conditioning/heat pump systems fitted. These are normally single systems (for a small shop – up to 40m2), several systems for larger shop premises (guide: one system per 40m2 ), and multiple modular systems for large stores and retail sheds.

Generally the client will require ceiling Cassette type indoor units, or concealed Ducted units within a suspended ceiling. These types of systems leave all of the wall space clear for stock, displays, and lighting.

Cassette units are a very cost effective means of providing high performance cooling and heating systems, without the high cost of air distribution ductwork. Over 80,000 Cassette type systems are sold each year in the UK, mainly for shops and offices. They fit neatly into suspended ceilings or solid ceilings, and are very easy to maintain and service.

Mitsubishi FDTA Cassette systems can be linked together on one remote control, rather than have many controllers spread around the premises. It is possible to connect up to 16 systems on one remote controller.

Ducted systems are more expensive to install because of the additional cost of air distribution ductwork. However, the shop designer may prefer special decorative air grilles or linear diffusers on view, rather than cassette units, which may not blend with the decorative finish.

FD INVERTER Multi-Systems.

Mitsubishi manufacture multi-systems suitable for larger area convenience stores and retail outlets (>50m2). A multi system consists of one large outdoor unit connected to two, three, or four indoor units. This removes the cost of having one outdoor unit for every indoor unit, and all the associated costs of additional pipe connections and external power supplies.

Large stores and retail sheds can be fitted with a number of FDA Multi-Systems, which are a very cost effective means of providing high levels of cooling and heating. Please refer to Product section for detailed information.

All multi-systems are Inverter controlled high efficiency products, up to 28KW. All outdoor units are compact, and have a small footprint, suitable for restricted location.


Restaurants need to have a comfortable environment for the satisfaction of their clients. If the environment is too cold, or too hot, or too humid, this can spoil the enjoyment of the occasion. Adequate ventilation (air change) must also be provided, in order to remove cooking smells, and stale odours.

It is important the correct types of indoor units are selected, and they are installed in locations which do not cause nuisance draughts, blowing cold air on to customers. It is preferable to locate the air discharge from an air conditioning unit more than 2.5 metres away from any customer, so ceiling Cassette or Ducted units are more appropriate than a wall unit mounted just above a customer’s head.

We would recommend an experienced installer is requested to carry out a survey, and calculate the cooling and heating requirements of the restaurant area. There are many variables to consider: ventilation requirements, lighting, number of covers, door opening frequency, air migration to/from kitchen area, electrical equipment (coffee machines, etc.).


Two areas of application: 1) bedrooms, 2) public areas & meeting rooms.


Mostmodern hotels have air conditioning fitted to client bedrooms. The client requirements for room temperature can vary enormously, especially if they have just arrived from overseas. Traffic noise and security issues mean that bedroom windows are kept shut, so air conditioning is essential to provide a comfortable environment for guests.

A small number of rooms can be air conditioned at low cost using SRK type wall split systems. These will have individual control, and can provide simple cooling and heating operations.

Larger hotels will require VRF systems, where one outdoor unit can be connected to 40 (max.) indoor units. So that a 200 bedroom hotel would have approximately 5 outdoor units. All of these can be individually controlled, and can be turned off if the room is unoccupied. VRF systems have variable speed compressors (the primary drive of the heating/cooling system) which allow energy saving at part load conditions. The variable speed is controlled by an INVERTER in the outdoor unit, dependent on the combined demand of the connected indoor units.

Chillaire can assist with the selection and layout of systems for hotel bedrooms, the routing of connecting pipework, drainage of condensate water from internal units, and control schemes to suit the client’s requirements.

PC Windows based control systems can be linked, in order to ensure energy is not wasted in unoccupied rooms, and set-back and group control can be changed easily. Key card switches can be integrated into the room unit control function, in order to save energy.

Indoor units can be selected from:

FDQM Ducted – small concealed units mounted in ceiling bulkhead next to bathroom

FDTQ Cassette – small cassette units also mounted in bulkhead

FDK Wall mounted – high level wall mounted units

FDFL Floor standing units – with cabinet

Meeting Rooms

This is a regular source of revenue for hotels, and a growing requirement for developing businesses to have meetings away from their office premises.

We would never book a meeting room if it were not air conditioned. We have had bad experiences of noise disturbance from traffic, aeroplanes, lawnmowers, building contractors, etc. If we are shut up in a meeting room for 7 hours, air conditioning is essential.

Small rooms (< 8 people) can be air conditioned with a small wall mounted system, or ducted system, or floor mounted unit. Larger rooms would require FDTA Cassette or FDUMA Ducted systems, depending on their size, and the type of construction.

Public Areas

Bars, restaurants, reception area, fitness centre, lounge, all require heating, and are especially welcoming in a hot humid summer if they are fitted with air conditioning.

Heat pump systems are ideal for these locations; FDTA Cassette, and FDUMA Ducted systems are the most suitable for these open plan areas. Larger areas may require VRF systems, if there is a very mixed requirement for hating and cooling in different zones. 3D technical staff will be able to advise on this.

Other Applications:

Doctors Surgeries                                 Fitness gyms                             Health clinics

Dentists                                                 Night Clubs                                 Hospitals

Cinemas                                                Lecture rooms                            Nursing homes

Veterinary practices                           Snooker halls                              Beauty treatment rooms

Air conditioning and heat pump systems are frequently installed in all of the above, and more.

Individual rooms can be fitted if there are budget limitations, or entire buildings can be air conditioned – cooling and heating, if required.

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